Have your views on gays changed over the years?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    No. Always tolerant.

  • minimus

    If 2 consenting adults want to get together, I don't judge it.

  • Cagefighter

    I used to view them from the front especially the girls but now I am more of an ass man so I tend to watch from behind or prefer those angles the best if it's girl on girl stuff.

    I learned the hard way if you are watching a live show never turn you back on one of dem gays....

  • VoidEater

    I'm biased, I've known since I was 5 that I would be married someday, but to another guy.

    I did inherit a bit of self-loathing, but understanding how it was programmed in has helped in deprogramming.

  • tec

    Have your views of gay people changed over the years?

    Yes. I always viewed it as a sin, but no worse than any other sin that people ignore to bash gays instead. I'm no longer sure that I could even classify it as a sin, being something that one is born into.

    So its not my business, and I have no right to judge. But if anyone is bashing or judging someone based on sexual orientation, they should examine themselves - and consider whether they are truly acting in the love that Jesus taught us.

    Do you have or have you ever had gay friends?

    Close personal friends - not that I'm aware of.

    Acquaintances - yes.

    Sister whom I love -yes. (though she wavers back and forth, so I suppose she would be bi-sexual)

    Did the Organization impact your views and interactions with gay people?

    Interactions, no. Views, yes. I remember thinking that they would all get a second chance to be straight in the new system of things. Until one day I said that out loud to my sister, and heard/realized what an idiot I was being.

    If you are no longer a Dub, what do you think now?

    I think I answered that in question one.


  • jaguarbass

    I never had any problems with gay people.

    I have always been a musician and have alway had gay friends and played music with them.

  • nomoreguilt

    I must say that I have very mixed feelings on the matter. As a jw, I was very anti-gay, discusted with the thought of it, found it abhorrent. So, after not having been under the influence of the wts now for 6 years + I had changed my attitude to some degree. My new bride's nephew is gay, nice kid,30 something. But he likes to flount his affairs, that he fell in love with a sailor in Hawaii. So, hey, let them live their lives I say. So, up until last August I had pretty much become accepting of gays as humans themselves, like me. No big deal. I'm leading up to something here, so please bear with me on this.

    In the past 10 years or so, I have become more focussed on one's CHARACTER. I am very mcuh into searching out what a person is all about in their heart, what motivates them and why they do what they do. So, over the past 6 years or so, I have become an avid bowler, as some of you may know. I was bowling on 2 nights a week, one night with my wife on mixed doubles league the other night on a very competetive and very , how do you say, we had comeraderie? Anyways. It was a men's league and these guys were GOOD. So, I was invited to join a differant team after 3 years of the same team and I found the new team quite diverse. One head case, one loud mouth drunk old fart, one kept to himself but kindly. The fifth, the team captain,51, was gay. Nice guy mind you, didn't act out, no gay talk stuff like that. So, we all a good time, shot the BS alot, lots of beer, shots, just good ole guy stuff. So, last August, we were having our pre-season league meeting, just to see what teams were bowling again. It turned out, I was the only member of our team to show up?? So, I figured, no problem, the other guys never called to cancel so I figured we were all bowling that season. WRONG! I got a call about a week later from the loud mouth that we didn't have a team this year. It seems as though the captain had gotten arrested. Now, this was recorded in the local newspaper which I hadn't seen and is fact. On a warm sunny Sunday afternoon, he had a pot of speghetti sauce on for dinner and was fooling around on the internet. So, he decided to drive about 35 miles away to meet up with a YOUNG man, 14 I think he said he was , at a house that he was given directions by phone to, yes he called the YOUNG man as he referred to him. It turns out that 11 other men also showed up at the house to meet the YOUNG man, and they were all promptly arrested. Ya! Perverted Justice Organization Internet Sex Sting Operation!

    So, my point is this....You never know what some one you may like or be associated with is really all about, character wise that is. Ya, I know, straight guys go after the young girls etc. Everyone has their demons.......Needless to say, my slant on gays has changed once more. I am much more cautious in how I deal with people, but you never know what ANYONE is driven by, do you?

    Oh, he was tried and convicted on 2 felony counts and is now serving 1 to 15 years in prison.


  • StAnn

    Yes, my view of gays has changed. I used to be more accepting. Now I see it more as sin and brokenness and I feel sorry for them. I do believe people are born gay and I have many gay friends. I guess I would view it as a birth defect, kind of like how my son was born with autism and I was born with diabetes. Genetic but still something to be overcome, if possible. The gays I know have a lot of difficulty and a lot of angst and suffer a lot because of their orientation. After years of knowing them, I've changed my mind and now view it as not something to be embraced but as something to be overcome. It's not their fault they were born that way but what they do with their orientation is their choice.

    I know that viewpoint won't please those on this list but it's what I've come to after a lifetime of association with gay friends whom I love dearly.

    Right now, I'm deeply affected because last summer a young man I loved who was gay committed suicide when he found out he was HIV positive. His family rejected him because of his orientation and I kinda was a substitute mother for him. Even his boyfriend called me "mom." I've had a lot of depression, wondering what I could have done to prevent his death. But it was more than just the HIV diagnosis. His suicide had been coming for a good six months or more, as he found the gay lifestyle to be empty for him. Just very, very sad, he was only 24.


  • techdotcom

    I've got no problem with someones preference unless it causes me some sort of problem. That being said I cannot understand as a male being attracted to another male. I mean, ewwww.... I'm just very suprised and gratefull that all women are not lesbians. THAT actually makes more sense to me... (only half joking)

  • 5thGeneration

    I'm just very suprised and gratefull that all women are not lesbians.

    This isn't just the stereotypical guy-likes-watching-girls-together thing but I have a tendency to thing that many more women are bi-sexual than would admit.

    I believe my wife is.


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