Theodore Jaracz of the Governing Body died this morning

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  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    I disagree with the statement "that you should not speak ill of the dead" If a person was an asshole when they were alive what has changed now that they are dead? Except of course they can't be an asshole any more. I did not know Jaracz personally. but going by the comments so far I would like to offer my conclusion and offer a positive tribute in deference to those that will not speak ill of the dead. I would like to say that it seems to me that Jaracz was very very good at being an asshole

  • B_Deserter

    The difference between Ray Franz and Ted Jaracz is that Franz was a force for good in the world. When he left the organization he never forced his views onto anyone. He didn't start another church and didn't want to be lauded in any way. Those of us who pay tribute to him in the form of kind words and thoughts do so not out of any kind of worship, but out of genuine appreciation and gratitude. We praised Ray Franz because of what he did, not because of who he was. We realize he wasn't perfect and unlike how Witnesses view the society we didn't "follow" him, hanging on to his every word. We were free to disagree with anything he said. In fact, Ray's legacy is widely respected among atheist ex-JWs as well as Christians.

    Ted Jaracz was someone who not only exercised control over millions of people, but someone who actively worked to cover up the pedophilia problem. He actively opposed the repeal of the rule that two witnesses are required for an abuse allegation despite the massive amounts of harm it would cause (how often are two witnesses present during a sexual assault?). To me, Ted Jaracz is the moral equivalent of Pope Benedict XVI. The only good thing about him is that he didn't wield nearly the same amount of power. But he is the embodiment of the "organization before people" mentality that poisons the experience of so many Witnesses. Ted Jaracz helped turn the organization into a pedophile paradise, an arena where authority could be obtained and thus free access to their victims could be granted. Jaracz helped make sure those victims would have little to no recourse. To an abused child, "wait on Jehovah" serves as little comfort.

    That is why I have nothing but respect for the legacy of Ray Franz and nothing but contempt for the legacy of Ted Jaracz.

  • minimus

    Simple question---Would you feel the same way about ANY GB member if he died, or just Ted Jarcz?

  • lepermessiah

    Simple question---Would you feel the same way about ANY GB member if he died, or just Ted Jarcz?

    Pretty much, except I dislike a couple other of them even more than TJ.

  • WTWizard

    Unlike Raymond Franz (whose death was a tragedy), I say good riddance to Ted Jaracz. This is one non-person that deserves all the conscious torment he can get, and then some. Raymond Franz, on the other hand, deserves eternal paradise in whatever form it comes.

    Now, I think Geritt D.E.A.D. Losch is in the prime spot to assume control of the cancer. If so, look out below for the financial condition of the religion.

  • Gayle

    lepermessiah,, I dislike a couple other of them even more than TJ - who??

  • lepermessiah

    I despise Losch - he is a creep. Public Enemy #1

    Herd is in the same league - self-righteous, pompous, former army man who loves to intimidate people.

    I had dealings with both of them and couldnt stand either of them! I knew we were all screwed when they made the G.B.

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    lepermessiah: you refer to Herd as an "army man." Did he serve in the US armed forces before becoming a JW? If so, that would make two veterans on the GB (Morris served in Viet Nam). With only 8 members after Mr. Jaracz's untimely passing, that would make 25% of the GB U.S. military veterans. Kinda odd for a pacifist religion.

  • lepermessiah

    That is interesting - of course, that was before they learned "the truth"

    I had several C.O.'s who were wanted to be a general, but told us he read Revelation, was scared stiff, and then discovered the JW's.

    In answer to Herd, yes he did - I am not sure of the details as to what branch of the US military, but he mentioned to a small group of us that he served in the military (I had an assembly part) , and may have mentioned it from the platform in a talk.

    I used to laugh because he LOVED intimidating the hell out of people. He would have people at the assembly scurrying around like scared little mice!!!

  • steve2

    I hear from Bethel Ted was so emotionally dysregulated when he heard that Ray is now standing before the throne of God giving his version of events that Ted asphyxiated on his feeding tube. He had hoped to get to God first.

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