Why The Hell Do People Defend Israel?

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  • Cagefighter

    Can you source any of the facts because we seem to agree that the facts in the video are fraudulent?

  • Blue Grass
    Blue Grass
    Can you source any of the facts because we seem to agree that the facts in the video are fraudulent?

    Yeah sure. All those images of dead children, Israeli soldiers abusing women and children, the indoctrination, the "kill/gas all the Arabs" spray painted on the walls, etc. etc. etc. It's all fraudulent. I'm sure there's also no genocide taking place right now in the Gaza strip.

    Blue Grass

  • quietlyleaving

    John Pilger is a very respected reporter. He has won awards for his work. He tends to speak out against imperialism. America, Britain and Israel have strongly imperialistic tendencies and they have come under heavy criticism from him. He is very respected for his factual reporting.

    Cagefighter as you said war is full of F***ed up choices. Why then is it so hard for you to believe that Israel did these things? It isn't fair to idealize one side as innocent and pure and paint the other side as complete villains. Just saying

  • dreamweaver09

    The killing of Jews and then they retaliation is in vast contrast and disproportionate.

    If someone does not know that then they may need to go a do a little more research and put down the comics they obviously read.

    Who are the Jews to stop aid. Short memory comes to mind.

  • nelly136


    your post made me wonder about hamas so i stuffed it in google images.

    hmmm ooook

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    It is strange that evil Israel is the only nation in the Mid-East that allows Arabs to vote. And Iraq.

  • moshe

    If Israel was given to the Paleastinians they would turn it into a sh#thole and the Arabs who live in Israel would lose their standard pf living. Kuwait kicked 100,000 Paleastinians out of their country in the 90's due to their meddlingin it's internal affairs. They took part in the attempted overthrow of Kuwait. The PLO at one time had enough money in it's coffer to BUY a homeland- if anybody would have sold them the land.

  • designs

    Look at the educational opportunities inside Israel and compare it with those in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Gaza.

    Having a group like Hamas run the government is like having a LA Gang run the county government. The citizens of Gaza deserve better.

  • metatron

    Why do people defend Israel? Because the Arabs - and many Muslims - are far worse and more dangerous.

    1) Arab women have no rights. The Middle East is filled with honor killings of women who 'disgrace' their families or refuse arranged marriages. Gaza, as dominated by Hamas, freely practices honor killings, as does Jordan. If you are seen in public alone with a boy, you may be killed. This is not a hoax or a joke. At least Iran is more 'moderate' in that the Virtue police might only scrape your makeup off with a razor in public.

    2) Sodomizing young boys is a part of Afghan culture. It's called 'bacha' and has created concern for US propagandists ever since they intervened in Afghanistan and were surprized by it in the Afghan army.

    3) A leading official in Iran ( considered a moderate, no less!) Rafsanjani said publically that it would be no big deal if a Mid East war went nuclear as long as Israel was destroyed. He felt that Muslims would be the victors and repopulate Palestine eventually, thereafter. And Iran should get The Bomb?

    Sure, Israel is awful but the alternative is worse.


  • Cagefighter


    So if a rapist serial killer breaks in my home tonight and I chase him out of the house with my .40. Then the police show up and find a car that matches the description but the suspect is in there with 2 kids and a woman and the police order everyone out guns drawn....lettme guess if you saw all couple of snap shots of those scenes it would be genecide? Oppression?

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