Why should I have to sign a letter saying I want to disassociate ?

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  • Finally-Free
    i am so upsert right now I can't stop shaking .......I am seriously thinking about going and talking to the Police . This IS harrassment and it IS affecting my well being

    I believe you should call the police. He's harassing you and stalking you. If nothing else, a conversation with the police will upset/annoy the elder. There's no reason why you should be the only one who is upset. Let him have a little inconvenience too. It might put a little damper on his gloating, which he's undoubtably doing right now.

    Sometimes, when someone is an asshole the best way to deal with it is by being a bigger one. I know it doesn't come natural to everyone, but unfortunately that's the only language some people understand.


  • AllTimeJeff

    I agree that you should call the police if he keeps it up.

  • RR

    I wrote a DA letter, but never sent it in, I still have it. There is no need to send one, but you may want to send it for piece of mind. Before I gor baptized as a JW, I was told by my Bible study teacher AND the PO that I had to send a letter of resignation to my former church (Catholic) which I did, a form letter which can be found in the OM book.

    I guess if you send one in, the JW's will at least (hopefully) not bother you anymore.

  • Finally-Free

    Just another thought. I'm sure the elder would be very unhappy to have the police come to his door in full view of his family and neighbours. The idea of him being unhappy really appeals to me right now.


  • palmtree67

    Why can't they just leave people alone????

    If they ask again whether you still want to be considered a Witness, say this:

    "I need to pray about that. Please give me the time and space to work this out on my own. I will call you if I need you."

    I was harrassed by them for a while before my df'ing, but not to the extent you are being harrassed. I feel for you.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I don’t think the elder meant any harm….

    However, by acknowledging that you had requested no more contacts from them, he has admitted to deliberately overriding your request.

    As the police said in your other thread, a simple ‘cease and desist’ letter should let the elders know that they do not have the authority in your life as much as they think they do.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Some elders can be a-holes, but you really did not DA by saying you did not want to meet with them. To DA would have to be a statement of "not believing" the doctrine anymore or clearly being involved in interfaith via church or holiday celebrations or politics or joining the military or the likes.

    They want a letter because their elders manual tells them they want a letter. Procedure makes the elders feel it is an orderly organization and that they can officially stop trying to shepherd a person who officially requests it in writing.

    If they tell you that you have disassociated yourself, tell them that you have done no such thing.

  • laverite

    Troubled Mind -

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Mentally, you are free. It may not feel like it yet, but you really do have your freedom now. They are pestering you because your freedom is not on their terms. They are like little children who can't take no for an answer. But in time, they will become a distant memory. The main thing is that you are free! Yay you!!!!

  • laverite

    @OnTheWayOut - your posts are my favorite posts on this site. Your experience and knowledge make for great advice. I wish there had been something like this site (and the internet like it is today) and someone like you around 20 years ago!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I just read your other thread about involving the police. If the elders are making your health a concern, you might consider giving them their letter. You can give the letter the police want you to write, and the elders may interpret it as an official DA, but just don't look back. Your own health will perk up if you get the monkey off your back.

    Thanks, laverite. Many here have more experience and better knowledge than me though. As time goes on, I put more and more behind me.

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