DVD "JW's Faith In Action, part 1 Out of Darkness" Omits! Omits! Omits!

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  • JimmyPage

    Can't wait to see this video uploaded to youtube... edited, of course, to include injections of reality.

  • ziddina

    What?? No transcripts from his divorce trial, wherein C.T. Russell claimed he was like a jellyfish, floating around and touching [nubile young women] 'people' with his tentacles???

    I am SHOCKED at their exclusion of this vital information!!!


    (Rats! Forgot who posted this!!!)

    A - hem... "or the home of God being on the planet Pleiades..."

    Actually, "Jehovah" supposedly lived on the star named "Alcyon" located in the Pleiades star group...

  • skywho

    It was like skipping a rock across a very large deep body of water. Just the surface unimportant stuff that either doesn't matter or is put in a different light so thing look happier and nicer... and i love the music that was added in the video to control the emotions that you are suppose to be feeling when watching different parts of this steaming pile of crap.

  • IT Support
    IT Support


    Please may I have the links to download these videos?


  • Titus
  • Gayle

    wow,Titus, thank you for the picture. I saw that in the DVD copy,,it is so ridiculous, like mass producing scripture to leave door to door in 1st century,,how unrealistic to pull that one. They are beyond common sense.

  • clarity

    Wow, Titus ... I 've been following the10 pages of these posts. Didn't want to put you in a 'spot' so not asking for the link, but appreciative of all your efforts. Just new on here but over 40yrs 'in' and 9mths fading. About a year ago I had a visit by Cong O and Circuit S .. the old predictable speil, read the daily text and more service. In my ignorance refferred to "that neat old book" JW's in the Divine Purpose, where could I get it? They kept insisting and correcting me, that I meant the Proclaimers book .... almost inferring that the earlier book never existed!! I soon found out why.


  • SearcherDude

    For some reason, the German JWs put up the video on Youtube. Here is part one:


    Search for BibelforscherTV for the rest.

    That picture of "going from house to house" is just so ridiculous. What they actually were doing was to teach "in private homes", an altogether other thing.

  • stapler99

    I saw this video recently. The thought that occured to me was that they seemed to be giving more prominence to the Governing Body members who were interviewed than I would have expected. I found the one with the funny Australian accent (David Splane?) very strange (and cocky). This video would not go down well with non-Jehovah's Witnesses, I don't think, but they wouldn't realise it because they are so caught up in their little world.

    Additionaly, I don't think I've seen video footage of Russel before - he looked pretty weird in his facial expressions.

  • Wrong Way
    Wrong Way

    Guy with the australian accent is Geoffrey Jackson.

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