The Grandest "witness" that each of us could give to the world looks to be shortly upon us. Will you be there? (In honor of Ray Franz)

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  • shamus100

    You call that an apology? Do you have a developmental disability or something?

  • diamondiiz

    Ray is a humble man and anyone who read his book would see that. He didn't want confrontation and didn't leave with his tail between his legs but was kicked out by fuck3rs who had no balls to kick him out themselves but who used their pee-ons to do their will. Ray didn't want to start a church or a following and he doesn't have one but many of us who realized of wts lies because of him or who just read his story came to respect the man as someone who deserves respect. Humility that Ray displayed is rare to come by in this world and it deserves our respect, speaking against such a man is plain ignorant. B-Rock, if you want to do something confrontational against wts or GB no one here is stopping you here.

  • AllTimeJeff

    B Rock isn't the first person to suggest that Ray Franz is the leader of those who leave JW's. Perhaps some context would be in order here. And I think that the context would further serve to honor a courageous man.

    Ray Franz was a Gilead grad. Being a Gilead grad means that you turn ownership of yourself literally to the powers that be. Back in Ray's day, that meant going where Knorr sent you. I believe he went to the Dominican Republic if I am not mistaken. In any case, having followed a similar path, I have respect for any one who does this. Franz stayed in his assignement till the 1960's, when he was called back to Bethel.

    As a member of the GB, he had it all, and he alluded to this. Anyone who has ever been through Gilead or Bethel knows that the GB define the big fish in a small pond dichotemy. They go wherever they want, do whatever they want, and participate in leading about 7 million people who are indoctrinated to adore them.

    A GB member can single handedly appoint and remove elders, ministerial servants and pioneers, some CO's and DO's, initiate changes in branch committees, etc. It has to be heady. And yeah, green handshakes abound. A GB doesn't pay his way in the world ever. Dinner wherever they want. Gifts. (yes, gifts, lots of nice ones)

    More could be said, but I hope you get the idea.

    And Ray Franz turned his back on this. Why? To become leader of those who leave JW's? Please. Ray Franz left due to conscience, wrote two (count em, TWO books) that exposed the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses for what they really are. For this, he has lived off the royalties of those books since the 1980's, after giving most of his 50 some years prior to his leaving to a cult, and having no wages or social security or anything to live on in his old age.

    Since he wrote his second book "In Search of Christian Freedom", what has he done? Has he led a movement? Demanded things of his former religion and peers? No. He has minded his own business.

    Which makes the assinine, ridiculous, self @!#$$%*^& and ignorant comments of idiots like B Rock all the more inane. The "adoration" some idiots see is nothing more then expressions of appreciation, made by FORMER TRAPPED, INDOCTRINATED CULT MEMBERS WHO WERE DESPERATE TO FIND A WAY OUT AND WERE ABLE TO DO SO THANKS TO THE COURAGE OF RAY FRANZ, A MAN WHO LEFT EVERYTHING BEHIND, INCLUDING PROMISED SECURITY, IN THE NAME OF TRUTH.

    I read CoC after I left, and recognized every word. His books validated my move, but how many people had that before Franz said "enough!"?

    Context B Rock. Context. And for anyone else reading. This man left all he knew in his mid 50's with nothing to go to, all for the principle of honesty and truth. If this is the end for him, he led a life of conviction, context and courage.

    Anonymous internet @$$holes don't matter.

    In my own expressions here, it is my hope that 1) we can all honor Ray Franz in the way that seems best for us, and 2) those that disagree with such honor given, could they please suffer in silence with the horrible burden of watching grateful people pay tribute to a man who personally helped them?

    It's called class. And as some on this thread have proven once and for all, you can't buy, rent, or otherwise procure class if you ain't got it. Ray Franz had it in spades. He will be missed.

  • cattails

    Brock it's obvious you don't understand what Ray's life and his experience means for many of us.

    It is one thing to show appreciation and respect and another to worship. And I don't think anyone

    here worships Ray. But I bet you he's very much respected for the honesty and the bravery he

    showed in exposing the goings on of the higher echelons in the WTS. Ray is a Christian man a

    person who has shown respect to those he has been in touch with and we owe him the same

    respect back.

    If you can't understand please don't make a fool of yourself by talking trash on this forum.

    BTW are you the same Brock on Barb's PalTalk?

  • coffee_black


    Well said.


  • dinah

    Great post, Jeff.


  • BurnTheShips

    Radicality is par for the course in the X-JW community, I guess. B-Rock, I wouldn't call him my leader, but he wouldn't want to be called that either. He was, however, a helpful guide. Having been in the inner sanctum, he peeled back the curtain for the rest of us in a way few others could.


  • whoknows

    Thanks ATJ - so well said.

  • WTWizard

    The only ones actually wishing for Ray's death are the active witlesses, particularly those in it for the power. Of course, those making up the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger class would like nothing more than to see Ray die and then never be heard from or about again. (And his books end up going out of print and dead).

    Personally, I would like to have seen medical technology advance enough to see him get back into his 20s, and every time he reaches a medical age around 60 he is broght back to his early 20s. That would give him a lot more time to work on other works, including putting to death the myth that Armageddon was always going to be in whatever year the Washtowel currently pushes. Short of that, I hope a mainstream Christian bookstore or publishing company picks up the rights to his books when he and his wife are no longer able to continue. Hopefully, those books continue bringing them money as long as even one of them is around; at which point I hope some mainstream Christian publishing company continues making these fine books available until the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery itself dies.

  • serenitynow!

    Alltimejeff, your post was very eloquent and moving.

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