WOW!!! Just found out from someone who went to the one day assembly....

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  • DaCheech

    they are so afraid of apostates that now you cannot record assembly parts?

  • Cindi_67

    Lilyflor wrote:

    "i need to attend one of these things again, i could use a few good laughs, on the other hand I just might end up puking instead"

    Good idea, although I don't know how long I would be able to sit through the whole charade. But we have to be witnesses to the insanity.

  • blondie

    You can record assembly/convention parts for personal use. They are talking about making copies for several people or posting them online.

  • designs

    'Woa to the pregnant woman' gets taken waaaaay out of context and built into all sorts of repressive religious doctrines. come the guys with the really bad marriages get to be religious leaders.

  • Etude

    A lot of you have it right: This is not new. When I joined the Bethel headquarters in 1974 under Knorr's reign, it was "understood" (meaning it was said but not written anywhere) that we were to remain single, forever if possible, but especially during our 4-year commitment. Remaining in Bethel after that period meant that you had to retain your "single" status or leave. Knorr specifically mentioned this in his address to our in-coming bethelite group. I didn't understand why he was so vehement on this topic when he himself was married. Perhaps his admiration of "Freddy" Franz influenced him in deciding that there's some sort of piety, sacrifice or gain (in the sense the Freddy had come to be the top biblical scholar there at the time) by virtue of being single. If you decided to get married, you had to leave Bethel service. Of course, there were always exceptions if they really needed your talent. But, if you left the service before the 4 years were up, you were less than acceptable because you would not have any privileges when you got back to your old congregation. I guess that was because they felt you broke your promise to God (meaning the Organization). What a crock of you-know-what!

    Personally, having been around Knorr I got the impression early on that he was the product of his generation (as opposed to new thinking brought on by his bible understanding) and was rife with all the prejudices that came with the "Leave it to Beaver" attitudes that peaked in the 50's. That the Organization is doing the same thing now is reflective of a similar environment where an older generation that was influenced by its times is trying to dictate its views to a new generation. Aren't we seeing a backlash today in general, especially in conservative religious circles, that is convincing teens to take celibacy vows (ex., the Jonas Brothers and others)? There are significant indications that celibacy doesn't work for teens and that's why other groups advocate for condoms in schools to prevent pregnancies and the spread of disease. But teens will go on screwing like rabbits. Who can contain that dam? If I knew what I know now back in the 60’s, I would have done my best to get all the booty I could (since sex the 60’s was a somewhat safer). I know there are consequences to everything, but at least it would have saved me from being a part of the JWs in the first place.

    I don’t think that this “new” message is necessarily strategic for them. I don’t think they’ve really thought it out as much as they’re reacting with the mindset that to “scare” you into submission (however subtly) usually works. In that sense the “new” message is a tactical move and a method on which the WTBTS has always relied on. Yes, they’re losing people and they need to create a sense of urgency to keep what they have and recruit new people, especially in third world countries.


  • hamsterbait

    MsDucky -

    If your daughters want to be missionaries they have to be married as Gilead no longer accepts single people.

    It was stated in a recent A$$wipe (witchtower): Married couples can consider Missionary service and go to Gilead.

    These people dont know their a$$hole from their elbow.


  • Lynnie

    Interesting about who they want at Bethel these days! My second cousin married a Bethelite who has a higher up position in the society with purchasing or something and she had to go through this "approval" process in order to get to live there with her husband. Interesting enough, she was allowed to bring her car and the WTBTS actually pays for the monthly parking for it! she does have to work in the kitchen but they have their own apartment etc. Oh let's not forget with her background check I'm sure it was revealed that she has a rich non-witness grandfather and a somewhat rich father so I'm sure they found her acceptable enough to be allowed into the inner circle! Brother! He seems to have lots of privileges and they go on vacation often (I assume her daddy pays). Very interesting since the people I knew a million years ago that went to Bethel couldn't have hardly any time off and certainly weren't allowed to bring a car to Bethel. They even paid to have it shipped from the west coast! Amazing! I guess they won't be having children anytime soon either!

  • ziddina

    "Just found out that at the recent one day assembly they are now REALLY discouraging people from getting married!!!!!..."

    Shades of pre-1975 Watchtower-dumb...

    Zid smiley angel devil

  • Quillsky

    Lynnie, I had to laugh.... "she does have to work in the kitchen but they have their own apartment"... I should hope so! I've never heard of a Bethel couple having to share a bunk-bed dorm room. The noises at night could prove to be um.... interesting.

    Etude, respect brother, you are so eloquent. You nailed it.

    I especially appreciate your insightful opinion that this is tactical, a short-term jab, rather than strategic, part of a long-term vision.

    Mr Flipper, indeed, "In all mind control cults, witnesses included - the motive is to separate a member from close emotional attachment to spouses, children, brothers and sisters and physical relatives , and friends and then replace those with other cult members who a cult member is supposed to call " brother " or " sister ."

    What's that scripture in the New Testament about being wary of those who try to prevent people from marrying?

    About missionaries.... Fascinating (I'd forgotten about this) that only married people can be JW missionaries. Once again, where's the scriptural support? Actually, I don't care much for scriptural support myself.... but where does this prohibition on unmarried missionary service make any sense at all?

    The true missionaries - not today's unmarried Mormon youngsters or married JW Gilead graduates but those who went mainly from England to the colonies and unchartered regions back in the 1700's to 1900's - went as either single men or single women or as solid family units. And many of the singles married once out in the territories and created new families.

    The term "missionary", like the term "pioneer", is much abused by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    Anyway, as many have said in this thread, the renewed encouragement not to marry is purely another instrument of CONTROL.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Re missionaries having to be married….

    While there is no scriptural basis for it, I can see the practical side of it. I don’t know how many of you have ever lived in a foreign country, especially one where English (or your native tongue) isn’t the official language, but I have, and I can see many practical reasons for having a partner living with you.

    Primarily, it gives company. There’s nothing as lonely as living in a country where few speak your language or understand your culture.

    You have someone you can easily converse with in your own language.

    Affection and morale – this couples with the point about company, but having someone who will give you a kiss and a cuddle at the end of the day is priceless.

    Sex – I can imagine that the problem of immorality (from a JW standpoint) is “solved” if the missionaries have a sexual partner – their marriage mate.

    I’m sure there are many other good reasons but they’re the ones that come to mind at the moment.

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