WOW!!! Just found out from someone who went to the one day assembly....

by Lady Liberty 76 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • dinah

    I just wish these people who throw their lives away would understand when the Publishing Company is through with them...................


  • serenitynow!

    She graduates from college in the fall, and plans to pioneer!

    Well thank goodness she went to college! You definitely taught her well! Let the marriage come in a few years maybe, I think that's best. I don't feel as bad about people pioneering their lives away if they at least go to college so they can have a decent life.

  • MsDucky
    Uh-oh! Somebody better tell them that Gilead has not accepted single persons for at least 2 or 3 decades.

    That is interesting! So if they keep the young ones from getting married, they will be defeating their own purpose... no missionaries! Unless, they get some more *new light*!

    I gotta slip that into a conversion somehow. "You can't be a missionary if you're not married!" They don't talk about spiritual things with me. Perhaps, I can get their dad or one of their sisters to say it.

  • MsDucky

    MsDucky that is sad. Hopefully someday they will wake up before they have wasted too much time, and turned down good offers.

    Serenitynow, I wish they'd wake up before they've wasted their youth too. Those Witnesses definitely use some sneaky tactics when it comes to communicating with your EXJW families. We can't tell them nothing. We're apostate devils!

  • dinah

    They are preying on foreign (to the USA) countries. Their membership is flailing here. They should be telling them to reproduce and me many. I guess with all these god-damned 30-40 year old born-ins, they figure it's better not to reproduce in America.

    Better to prey on those in *insert foreign country who no one knows a damn thing about* to give their $2.00 it took them a year to earn to the WatchTower.

  • mindmelda

    This celibacy thing is an old song from the Witnesses, new verse. Russell, who Freud would have had a field day with, recommended celibacy and felt that all of his followers should try it, at least, if not embrace it, because it got them one step closer to their heaveny reward, as angels in heaven aren't sexual beings.

    I wonder why old Charley was so afraid of sex? Boy, I'd like to crawl inside that guy's psyche sometime, but it's interesting that a lot of originators of cultish religious movements have some sexual hangup that involves controlling others sexually in some way. Demanding celibacy, castration, abstinence, sexual restriction that's enforced through punishment, breaking of the culture's social rules about marriage or sex, promiscuity, sexual abuse of some sort as part of the religion is common.

    When it came about that they weren't all gathered to heaven when expected and the "great crowd" idea was invented to explain why there were more than 144,000 Witnesses all of a sudden, it occurred to the Witlesses that they'd actually have to deal with sex, marriage and family issues but they still would rather just sweep it all under the carpet and pretend no one has normal sexual or parental urges.

    Knorr was a creepy sex obsessed virginal homophobe who thought men wearing blue jeans and sneakers and getting a perm would make them gay. It was under him that the social and sexual rules in the WTS got tighter than a duck's arse.

    But, there's always been a subtle encouragement to forgo marriage and pioneer instead, probably when they're running short of free labor. The other end of it is teenagers marrying because that's the only way they can keep from fornicating or being accused of it with someone they have any interest in. As one ex Witness I know put it, "If you're a single brother over 16 and you even LOOK at a single sister too long, everyone starts speculating when the wedding will be."

    This is one screwy religion when it comes to sex...but that's what all cults are like. You know what Madison Avenue says..."Grab em by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow."

  • babygirl30


    I actually went to DRepublic 5 times to 'help' out there in foreign language, visit friends, and vacation! Let me tell you, the 'interest' there is NOT how the stories really are AND the JWs that are over there party their ASSES OFF!!!! Seriously, I had a good time was very different then what would be allowed here in the states.

  • snowbird
    I wonder why old Charley was so afraid of sex? Boy, I'd like to crawl inside that guy's psyche sometime,

    Maybe it was tactile defensiveness?



  • WuzLovesDubs

    They probably also predicted that old guy will die within the next 20 years or much less and when he does they will claim they are prophets for knowing that would happen LOLOL! What idiots. The Bible says the end is long ago was that now? 2 or three THOUSAND years???

    There are so few women in the borg now that its probably true that young men are seeking mates outside the holy walls and that will bring them straight out the door. So lets scare them somehow into not getting married at all and doing what then?? Just hanging out at the Kingdom Hall fantasizing? Even pioneering full time only takes up what...30 hours a month of their time?

    Why dont they start restricting what underwear people wear to keep them from procreating? Why dont they regulate what they wear to bed so they dont accidently entice their mates into having sex? Regulate what they say, think, hear, wear, feel.....oh wait..they already do that.

  • flipper

    LADY LIBERTY- Good thread, thanks for posting it. I agree with JWOODS that this is mainly a control maneuver by the WT society once again over it's members. My wife and I were discussing it the other day as there were a couple other threads started on this assembly.

    In all mind control cults, witnesses included - the motive is to separate a member from close emotional attachment to spouses, children, brothers and sisters and physical relatives , and friends and then replace those with other cult members who a cult member is supposed to call " brother " or " sister " or even the term " spiritual father or mother " is used . If the WT society can have ultimate control over whether young people marry - then it will enable the GB, C.O. s and elders to be the young people's main allies or companions. It really comes down to dividing and conquering people- even down to the most personal level- having a marriage mate or not. It's sick. Because then the young person is left without close emotional support- and is coerced by " mind control" to seek elders, C.O.s and the WT leaders for support. That is what the WT society wants - ultimate control over ALL their members. Steve Hassan talks a lot about these points in his two books

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