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  • Quillsky

    Quillsky, what if she wanted a "Scriptural" divorce?

    Perhaps I wasn't well-enough indoctrinated to understand what a "Scriptural" divorce is......

    As I always understood it, if your spouse has sex with somebody else you may "Scripturally" divorce them. Not.... if you want a "Scriptural" divorce you have to go off and find someone to have sex with, then it's all fine and merry. How screwed up would that sort of doctrine be?

    Jen, I empathize with your feelings of helplessness, being controlled and emotionally abused. I'm just going off on a tangent about an important element of your decision about the way to deal with it, sex with someone else.

    From your opening post....

    I left my husband and the JW's back in the summer.

    That's a mature solution perhaps, but finding another man to have sex with as a "route" to that, not very clever, is what I'm saying.

  • ~Jen~

    Thank you so much for your replies once again = Michelle365 you have a PM :)

  • Michelle365

    Jen- Thanks for the heads up! I just sent you a reply!

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