HELP! Real UFO experience. No Joke. Very Serious

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  • proplog2


    I remain open to the causes of this event. UFO events are singular. They are subject to the ability of the witness to accurately report what they experienced. The more witnesses to an event the more credibile it usually is. This is especially true if the witnesses are in different locations. Many people need closure on a disturbing event. I feel that simply saying I don't know what I experienced and will probably never know is premature closure.

    This is why I am interested in others experiences that share some of the same features as what I experienced. These are the essential elements of the experience:

    1. Loud roaring sound similar to but not exactly like a jet airplane.

    2. Physical vibration of buildings.

    3. Source is clearly from the sky.

    4. Unusually long duration and slow moving. Being 3 miles from an International Airport I have never seen a Jet take more than 30 seconds from the time you first hear it to the time it fades away. Peak noise is never more than 5 seconds.

    What I have done is combed the reports of similar events that involve visual connection with the noise.

    Here is another report similar to what I experienced:

    NUFORC Home Page
    Web Report Indexes : by Event Date | by Location | by Shape | by
    Posting Date
    National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
    Occurred : 9/6/2001 21:00 (Entered as : 080601 2100)
    Reported : 9/6/2001 20:39
    Posted : 10/12/2001
    Location : MEDINA, OH
    Shape : Unknown

    My wife and i were watching tv when we heard what sounded like a
    low flying jet.but after about 5 minutes the sound was still above
    us .we went out side to see if we could see what it was, but saw
    nothing. just a loud roar of what sounded like ten jet engines all
    at once ,but it was not moving. it was fading in and out like it
    was going off into the distance and comming back.this lasted about
    another ten minutes then started moving west until we could no
    longer here it.

  • neyank

    Here's a little story on this subject.
    See what you think.

    A person was driving a truck up in the state of Maine.
    He was driving along the highway when he noticed something up ahead.
    The thing he saw was above the road.
    A very large thing. In fact he said it was huge.
    It wasn't moving.
    It was just floating there.
    And to top it off, the thing did not make a sound.
    Not a whisper.

    He became curious,so he stopped his truck and got out to take a closer look at the thing.
    As he was looking up at it, the thing started to move away slowly.

    What do you all think he saw?


  • DazedAndConfused

    neyank, I have been watching this thread and was afraid to post because of the naysayers and because proplog was asking for experiences like his. Thank you! About 3 years ago I was outside looking at the stars when something off to my left caught my attention. It wasn't an abrupt movement but it seemed to be moving very slowly. I looked to my left and saw this huge and I mean huuuuugggeeee black, v-shaped object almost hovering over the entire block across the street. It made absolutely no sound. None. I mentioned it to my daughter the next day and she poo poo'd it and asked if I were drinking. LOL. Anyway, last year I read in the news about the same thing happening in the eastern part of the US. I think it was in Connecticut and it was seen by law enforcement officials in 3 counties and then it was gone. I showed my daughter and needless to say she had a different attitude.

  • neyank

    Hi DazedAndConfused,
    I don't think I've read your posts before.
    Welcome to the board.

    The incident happened last year?
    Could it have been in the winter?

    The person who saw the thing did say it was a very dark object.
    Possibly black.
    And also that it was V shaped.
    And like the thing you saw, it was also Huuuuugggeeeee!!!!!

    I wonder if it was the same object.


  • neyank


    I guess I'm the one that's dazedandconfused. LOL
    I thought you were new because I haven't seen the picture with your name before.
    I have read your posts.

    I just thought I would clear that up.


  • SYN

    Messenger: Please, gimme a break, demons are *SO* 2001, God help us, get with the times. Britney Spears in a tight tank top is far more dangerous than any monstrous demon to a dub teenager, believe me :)

    Proplog! WACK! Oddly enough, I've been studying UFO abduction/sighting reports for years and years now, but have never seen anything even *slightly* unusual. :( This sux big time.

    I also find this whole 'little green men' thing very insulting to my intelligence (or lack of it, as some of my friends keep asserting). Parallel evolution is so unlikely that even if there were aliens, they would be completely incomprehensibly alien to us. There is no way in hell (no pun intended for sensitive readers) that we could hope to even 'comprehend' these creatures/spirits/gas bags/whatever. Of course, we could all be like Messenger and call them 'demons' and instantly label them 'Satanic' or something, even if the aliens themselves were completely unable to speak any human language, let alone understand the very human concept of 'Satan' or 'Demon'. Maybe they'd just think we were complimenting them and rain molten sulphur on us as a thank-you present.

    Question to Messenger: If a little green man landed his ship on your lawn tomorrow and said to you: "I have taken Jesus into my life!", what would you say?

    I'm guessing you would say: "Sorry, bud, humans only. No incredibly intelligent little green men who probably have sixteen times my brain mass and are capable of a thousand million times more empathy and tenderness than myself may be saved, you will all die in the Earthly event called Harmagedon, coming real soon now, because you are demonic and deserve to die, Satanic spirit!"

    "I see no good reasons why the views given in this volume should shock the religious sensibilities of anyone." -- Charles Darwin, The Origin Of Species, 1869.

  • Skeptic


    I want to commend you on proving the UFO you saw/heard did actually occur. It is pretty obvious from your account that you saw/heard something (unless, of course, you lied, but you are not known as a liar so I assume you are telling the truth).

    I wondered if what you heard was a helicopter hovering at low altitude, such as is done in training expercises. But I do not know if a helicopter could cause a building to shake. And you probably know what a helicopter sounds like.

    I admit I am stumped.

    I always wanted to see a UFO, but, alas, anytime I did think I saw one, I was able to show it was something else. I did not even have one unexplained sighting in my life (of the UFO variety). I find that sad.


  • proplog2


    I'm sure its not a helicopter. The military comes up from Ft. Campbell Kentucky and does helicopter exercises in August. The TV and radio stations alert the public to this so they don't alarm anyone. If what I experienced was of human origin it would have to be something the government is testing. But why would they test it over populous areas? They have testing grounds. Are they trying to see how much noise it takes to alarm people? Kind of a stupid experiment.

    Whatever, or whoever is operating these "things" doesn't give a rats ass about human reaction. Most reports of UFO's make a point of saying they operate silently. If these are ET craft I think they make noise at some kind of regenerative stage of their operation. The noise is always associated with large craft that move extremely slow.
    Another possibility is that these are some Jar-Jar types who don't have all of their technology kit in place. They may have some good technology for beaming here but once they arrive they have some really junky technology for getting around. Kind of like flying somewhere and then having to rent a car.

    I have now crossed over into the absurd. My main intentions in bringing this subject up is that this is one more area that religion doesn't handle very well. Religion assumes that humans are next to God. If there are aliens who can come and go as they please we can't be very important in the whole scheme of things.

  • proplog2


    Did you file a report on your incident? Feel free to E-Mail me with more info. I can give you the link where you can report this.

    Or are you just puttin me on? Give us more details?

  • RedhorseWoman


    I, too, had an experience similar to yours, but it was prior to hearing anything much about UFOs, so I didn't initially consider it to be one. I was coming home from school with a friend, when we noticed a huge circular ship hovering above her house. I remember seeing what looked like windows circling a dome near the top. At the time I thought it was some new type of airplane, but it was silent and stayed motionless for about thirty seconds, then silently moved on.

    Never did figure out what it could be.

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