HELP! Real UFO experience. No Joke. Very Serious

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  • msil

    Was it the "Klingons from Uranus"?

  • unclebruce

    Hey Focus, yeah you in the leopard skin,

    The USAF has thoroughly explained the 1947 Roswell UFO incident/s. It was a dummy weather balloon full of swamp gas from venus! .. and you do believe the Warren commission's official explaination of the Kennedy assasination don't ya? Damn Lee Harvey and his magic bullets!

    uncle bruce.

  • waiting

    When I can understand Focus - I agree with him.

    To believe that in all the universe, we are IT - and nothing anywhere can do any more than us - seems quite conceited.

    Like a person living on an island and believing that's the extent of the world because he can see nothing else.

    We're so young as a world - and we don't KNOW what's out there, therefore, how can we for a certainty say what is or isn't.

    To assume that if there is life higher than ours - and what kind, if they can "cloak" their aircrafts, if they're benevolent, etc., is sheer assumption. We just have no way of knowing. We can speculate....but that's all it is - a guess.

    Then in the next sentence to say that nothing exists higher than our intelligence isn't saying much about our intelligence - particularily since we haven't visited any of these far away galaxies. We don't know how....but that doesn't mean someone/thing else doesn't know how either.


  • LoneWolf

    unclebruce ---

    rather than your hillybilly hayseed country bumpkin sterio typical red neck
    Yu talkin' 'bout me again, varmit??

    proplog2 --- Who knows? I figure there just isn't enough facts to make any kind of a decision, except one: Dang!!! Wish I'd been there. Gimme my trusty shotgun and we'd find out what it was!


  • MrMoe

    (Searching through belongings for straight jacket and duct tape....)

    HA HA HA -- Anyhow, I don't doubt you man, but that really does not give me any proof dear, and I DO beleive there is other life out there other than us, who am I to doubt or beleive we are the ONLY life forms.

    But... did you just escape from the looney bin AGAIN? Come here, little nut-job, I've got some candy for you......

  • Sirona


    I know of 2 different UFO stories from people I know. One is a highly respected teacher, who saw a cigar shaped object whilst out walking her dog, turned back for home but then found herself at home 2 hours later and couldnt account for the time,

    the other is 2 of my family members who were driving along when they noticed a very strange looking object in the sky which had lots of lights. It descended to hover above their car and they swear to this day it wasnt a helicopter or anything like that. One of them stuck their head out of the window to see it do a 180 degree turn and speed off into the night.

    Now I know you skeptics out there will say thats balony, but these people are reliable sources - for me! Anyway, there are possible explanations, like secret government test flights of new wierd and wonderful planes, hallucinations on the part of those involved, etc. but nevertheless its WIERD eh?


    ** **

  • Focus

    waiting wrote:

    [comment deleted as waiting never said it]

    When I can understand Focus - I agree with him.
    On the strength of what you state that I have quoted below, you have clearly NOT understood me.

    To assume that if there is life higher than ours - and what kind, if they can "cloak" their aircrafts, if they're benevolent, etc., is sheer assumption. We just have no way of knowing. We can speculate....but that's all it is - a guess.
    In the sense that almost everything except an exercise in mathematics is a guess, perhaps. But some guesses are pretty good ones....

    I guess you and I will not be alive in a million years' time, for example.

    This guess that many will be "higher" than us is an even "better" one.

    Kindly read once again the following from my post:

    3. It is nearly a matter of mathematical certainty arising from the laws of physics, chemistry and biology that the universe is teeming with life outside our own planet.

    4. Our own human has only enjoyed a techno-boom of less than a hundred years. There has been life of one sort or another on earth for about 3 billion years.

    5. It follows that the overwhelming majority of life in the universe will be hundreds of millions - and probably billions - of years in advance of our own.

    The vastly different timeframes - with likely techno-boom periods millions of times longer than our human one - make all sorts of things virtual certainties for those many life-forms that will have survived the dangerous techno-infancy millennia that we are just "in" right now.

    And their ability to remotely observe us is not the same as "cloaking" their aircraft (air? air?????) - please do not put words into my mouth (I have enough already, thanks). Any living beings which have conquered interstellar voids will by definition have ways of monitoring us (with a lag) from a light year away (that is about 186,000 x 60 x 60 x 24 x 365.25 miles). We would have no conceivable way of knowing.

    The necessarily benevolent is less of a sure winner. But meditate on what conceivable threat (or desire) model we could present to something that hugely more advanced.

    They could MAKE us if they wished.

    Would you - acting in a countrywide consensus grouping - climb a high mountain on a 20 day trek to find a rare flower - and then wantonly trample it into the dirt? Possible, yes. Likely, hell no!

    All that stands in the way of folk understanding my post in this thread is their human (sometimes, Babble-trained) ego

    Of course, I could be wrong.

    (Cold Sheol Class)

  • roybatty

    I heard some loud rumblings the other night to! But then I realized that my neighbor just had really bad gas from all the beans he was eating.

  • ChuckD
    One is a highly respected teacher, who saw a cigar shaped object whilst out walking her dog,...

    I hope she was considerate enough to remove this cigar shaped object lest someone step into it.

  • teejay


    Interesting story. I am not sure of UFOs but am less willing to believe in them than I once was. Your tale brings up a fact that continually hounds those who relate such experiences... lack of any evidence more substantial that what you say you saw. It has become a constant verse in nearly all of these myriad sitings that no pictures, no video, no audio recordings are EVER made. I can only wonder, but I'm frustrated with that continual lack of tangible proof.

    As far as what Focus said, it's a given that the universe is very big and very old. Does that mean that life is out there as a direct result of those two facts? No way. It's also true that the technological boom among humans is extremely recent, but the connection of that reality with intelligent life elsewhere is irrelevant.

    Is there a way of knowing with certainty that life has existed (and advanced) for 3 billion years as Focus claims? I don't know. Making that assumption is what lies at the root of nearly every assumption that follows. It amounts to nothing more than a flying leap of belief, if you ask me. I'm not ruling anything out but I'd like to have more proof... something more than mathematical probability. Just because something is mathematically probable doesn't make it real.

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