HELP! Real UFO experience. No Joke. Very Serious

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  • ChuckD
    It proves that there is someone operating something that doesn't correspond to any current technology.

    You reached this conclusion from THAT experience? You hear a noise (however loud) and see light (however bright), and from this you can extrapolate that;

    a) it is a vehicle
    b) it had pilots at the control
    c) it did not correspond to any current technology

    However, even you said that it "could" be a blimp with huge speakers. Sure that sounds silly, but it is a lot more beleivable than the alternative you propose.

  • proplog2

    I resent but understand the statements of ridicule. I have been among the ridiculers. And I said I still doubt those reports that aren't congruent with my personal experience. Since you haven't experienced anything like this you have no alternative but to doubt.

    By the way I don't believe David Blaine has any unusual powers. There are places on the internet that explain all of his tricks. A lot of it is based on video techniques and it IS staged for video recording.

    I also don't believe humans have ESP. I am a strict materialist. I also don't attribute special powers to aliens. However it would not be unusual to think of other civilizations with only a thousand years head-start to have technology that could dazzle us.

    The argument SINCE they are so far advanced that they can travel through space... THEREFORE they could do their business undetected if a fallacious argument. Intergalactic or interdimensional technology may be quite simple and we just haven't stumbled accross it yet. Three hundred years ago no one would have dreamed that simply spinning a magnet inside a coil of wires would produce a type of energy that revolutionized everything about the way humans live their lives.

    I didn't write about my experience to make believers out of all of you. Some may understand the significance of what I have described.
    Some may have had similar experiences. Some may have a believable and ordinary explanation of this type of thing. It is the expectation of ridicule that keeps many silent on their experiences.

  • Naeblis

    This didn't really happen to you did it. You created a story to give you an excuse to hear yourself speak.

  • proplog2

    This is not intended as "fluff".

    Up until the "incident" I was pretty much willing to believe that the universe is just the way we see it. Now I'm not going to believe that the people who believe they have seen aliens or have been abducted by aliens that these events really happened.
    I'm not buying into area 51 or Roswell. Just because one type of experience has been verified by my experience I am not going to believe everything.

    But from my point of view at the very least those events probably happened that correlate with what I have expereinced. A very loud noice from a slow moving object accompanied by a bright light that is either moving or stationary. I am satified that there are phenomena of the sort that I experienced.
    Some of these sounds have been accompanied by actual objects in motion with visible structure.

    I am generally skeptical but I can't deny my own experience yet it can't serve as public proof. People who know me and the others involved in this incident know that something extraordinary occurred. Everyone can come up with their own explanation. Demons, Secret military experiments, natural phenomena such as antimater hovering and drifting, just about everything short of a shared halucination. It definitely wasn't a halucination.

    There is a rule in science called "parsimony". Simplicity. Go for the simplest answer that explains and integrates the largest body of data.

    Conspiracy? Any earthbound organization that could produce this kind of technology would require collaboration. Secrecy would require conspiracy. By conspiracy I mean having a large number of people who have a commitment to keep things silent. Humans are not just content to make money. Humans talk. Ego's are involved. Threat of death is not enough. How do you recruit people for this kind of project. No one will sign a pact of secrecy to work on a nebulous technology.
    Conspiracy would be harder to imagine as a possibility then to think that intelligent life is either intentionally or unintentionally stumbling into our universe.

    As far as available technology: There are no technical journals, infrastructure, background of published materials on this sort of thing. Knowledge evolves. If there are new technologies they don't exist in complete secrecy.

  • Focus

    Naeblis wrote:

    This didn't really happen to you did it. You created a story to give you an excuse to hear yourself speak.
    1. The known universe is enormous, on a scale way beyond human comprehension.

    2. The universe is very old - at least 14 billion years have passed since the (last?) big bang.

    3. It is nearly a matter of mathematical certainty arising from the laws of physics, chemistry and biology that the universe is teeming with life outside our own planet.

    4. Our own human has only enjoyed a techno-boom of less than a hundred years. There has been life of one sort or another on earth for about 3 billion years.

    5. It follows that the overwhelming majority of life in the universe will be hundreds of millions - and probably billions - of years in advance of our own.

    6. It then follows that plenty of "them" could do virtually anything not prohibited by the real laws of physics (whatever they are) - and this means one hell of a lot more than we can even dream about. Even if the velocity of light in vacuo is the barrier it appears to be, and if wormhole travel is as infeasible as it appears to be, "they" would still be able to get here from an immense enough space-volume to ensure that there would be plenty of types of "them" to qualify from... they have had a long time, and earth has been interesting for billions of years.

    7. So "they" exist and could certainly do what proplog2 suggests.

    8. A better question is - why, why, why would they want to? They would be benevolent - we would have nothing of value to them, only be curiosities to be nurtured or observed - so why, why, why make their presence known at all when it would be trivial for "beings" that advanced to prevent it? Or is our response to such events of interest? Or are we being gradually prepared for a close encounter of the third kind on a large scale?

    9. However, even I do not claim to know the mind of "god"s.

    10. I prefer gods-of-the-Roswell to Jehovah-of-the-Watchtower.

    (Educated Class)

  • TMS

    It seems no more rational to assume that such an experience is not otherworldly, than to assume that it is.


  • kpax

    The government has a lot of technology that they are hiding from us!
    Maybe they want us to believe we are not alone. Same with religion right?
    Don't blaim it to fast on ET!


  • sleepy

    Hi Proplog 2y.

    I've had a very similar experience to yours a number of years ago.
    Me my brother and two friends were out camping for the weekend.
    It was in the country side in Devon England.
    We'ed camped out this night in a field only a small lane ran along side.
    In the middle of the night I was woken up by a Very and I emphasise very loud rumbleing noise which I first thought was an aircraft.But the noise persisted and seemed to last for several minutes.
    The noise also seemed to travel slowly across the sky.

    I was so scared that I prayed to God and thought the big A was here .
    Strangly only one of my friends heared the noise , my brother and other friend stayed asleep.

    Stuff I've read since then suggest that it was maybe an earth minor tremor.Of course I can't confirm that.
    I must emphasise that unless you have had an experience like that you can not know what it is like.
    As to whether I think Aliens were involved , well I doubt it, I would need a lot more evidence before I believed that. But I think its a bit dopey to believe in evolution and not in the probability of alien life.

  • unclebruce

    G'day Ploplog2,

    The subject of UFO's is huge. If you're really interested in learning more about it you can read up on it. I have no respect whatsoever for people dismissing such things out of hand. The main and most well documented reports of unexplained aerial phenonoma come fromm trained observers, pilots, astronomers etc.. (rather than your hillybilly hayseed country bumpkin sterio typical red neck)

    Don't let anyone tell you top scientists don't take the UFO phenonomen seriously. The heads of both the British and American military have admitted thier ongoing interest. Carl Sagan helped set up the Seti project, the multi-billion dollar scheme to announce our presence and search the radio spectrum for evidence of extraterestrial life. (an extremely neive and foolish thing to do in my dear wifes opinion)

    To become a trained observer is a long process requiring the knowledge of meterology, the ways your brain interperates light, advanced aircraft design etc... I spend many nights looking up at the sky from my forest hidaway. The milky way is so clear and bright sometimes it's as if there is a half/three quarter moon. I watch meteorites and satelites pass over as the stars turn and have seen some unusual (to me) lights.

    Besides that, my place is weird. If you've read anything by Whitely Streiber you'd know what I mean.

    I certainly don't dismiss what you say out of hand prolog2 but what did you really see and hear? The Germans apparently developed anti gravity/ gravitywave riding saucer shaped flying machines during WWII and the military have many many toys we know nothing about. Remmember the big hoo haa a couple of years ago when 'the stealth fighter' was made public? Well that's 30 year old technology.

    I had a house in western Sydney and for weeks before the Sydney olympics we had army "black helicopters" and standard police helicopters 'getting to know' our area on night exercises. (a couple of times I played with 'em by shining my million candle watt spot light up at them and once they shone thier massive beam back ... funny buggers! lol.

    Anyhow one cloud covered night we were watching television and we heard a chopper above our house .. we ignored it thinking it would move off soon .. after 5 minutes it got even louder and my wife and I suddenly looked at each other .. I swore and took off out the front door.. all four of us stood on the front lawn looking up but although we could hear the chopper very loud we couldn't see a thing.. this was weird. I'd prided myself with being able to pick up the outline of the best disguised aircraft, especially when they're moving but this thing was ruffling the leaves at the top of my 60 ft pine tree and we couldn't see a damned thing even with the binoculars .. it slowly moved off but none of us could see it .. it was terrestrial but i'm buggered if i know how we couldn't see it. the latest in invisible paint? ... some sort of electrical field? .. chopper51 from groom lake? .. a beam that shut down the family brain cell? .. yeah that's it .. and the brain cell of my big french very material man neighbour who i called over.

    there are more things in heaven and earth than thought of in my philosophy fair brutus.


  • ashitaka

    I'm pretty curious what it was. Never had anything like that happen to me, but anything's possible, really.


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