HELP! Real UFO experience. No Joke. Very Serious

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  • proplog2

    I want to report the most significant thing that ever happened to
    me. It is an event that I haven't been able to integrate into my
    life. It has created a state of cognitive dissonance that I am
    sure will last 'til I die.

    Having been raised as a JW I have been conditioned to assign all
    bizarre phenomena to the antics of demons. Ouija boards? - Demons.
    Magic shows ie David Blaine - Demons. Meditation? - Demons. Fortune
    Tellers - Demons? This is not an exhaustive list by any means but
    I must include UFO's.

    I have come to the point in my skepticism where I don't believe
    that the poor epileptics in the Bible were demonized. Dilantin is
    the preferred way of exorcising demons in epileptics. Demon
    possession seems to be quieted if not cured by modern drugs. Ouija
    boards don't work if the players are blind folded. etc. But what
    about UFO's?

    The Watchtower is quick to label UFOs as a subtle tool of Satan.
    After all if there really are material entities visiting our planet
    who made them? Isn't the earth the sole locus of material life?
    Isn't this the only game in the universe? Jehovah's witnesses are
    discouraged from speculating about the possibility of humans
    eventually populating some other planet. The idea that there may
    be some other planet with intelligent inhabitants circling some
    other sun is strictly forbidden.

    As a skeptic I don't believe that demons cause UFO's. Frankly I
    have always been amused by reports of UFO's. Like most people I
    cracked jokes about the "types" of people who claimed to see flying
    saucers. Until one of these saucers lands on the White House lawn,
    and some creatures lifts the hatch and emerges in broad daylight on
    national television I didn't think it necessary to take this
    phenomena seriously.


    I work for myself in my basement office. It was about 10:30 pm.
    I had been working at my computer for quite a while and decided to
    come upstairs for some fresh air and to munch on a little leftover
    chicken - maybe catch Jay Leno's monologue.

    At about 10:45 (after Jay's monologue) I hear a strange rumbling
    sound outside. It sounded a little like a jet airplane but it also
    had some strange qualities to the sound. My intuition suggested
    that this was not some ordinary sound and that I ought to step
    outside and investigate the source. I am usually quick about
    checking things out but I decided that it was probably a jet
    airplane and I descended into my dungeon/office - without
    investigating. I put on my head-set and listened to my favorite
    jazz station as I worked on a mailing list.

    My wife was up in our bedroom with my 11 yr old daughter sitting on
    the bed and doing homework. My 15 year old son was in his bedroom
    listening to music before going to sleep. As I sat in the basement
    I was vaguely aware that the house was vibrating. After about 15
    minutes my wife called me on my business line and told me I ought
    to get upstairs and figure out what the loud noise was. No sooner
    than I got to the main floor when my son came running out of his
    room screaming "holy shit I just saw a meteor or something". The
    noise stopped abruptly at that point.

    My wife said something passed over the house from the southwest to
    the northeast. She claimed her left ear was ringing and hurting
    from the noise. My 11 year-old daughter was very disturbed. My
    wife said that it sounded like a dozen jet airplanes flew over the
    house for the last 20 minutes. I asked my 15 year old son what he
    saw. He said that the noise was so loud he couldn't hear his music
    so he turned out the light and decided to just go to bed. No
    sooner had he pulled open the window shade when he saw a light
    about as big as a basket ball and bright as the sun zoom at tree
    height from west to east. As soon as the light flashed he said the
    sound stopped.

    I finally stepped out the front door. I looked all over and didn't
    see anything. It was a partly cloudy night with large patches of
    stars visible. I got in my car and drove North East hoping to get
    a look a what I thought might be some kind of squadron of
    helicopters that would possibly explain what my family experienced.

    When I got home about mid-night I called the police and asked if
    there were any reports of strange noises. The police said it was
    a dull night. I called the air-port and asked if there were any
    planes in the area? They said nothing big comes in between 9:00pm
    and 5:00am. They suggested I call Noise Abatement. I left my
    phone number with the noise abatement department.

    The next day I saw my next door neighbor and thought I would do a
    little reality testing. She said she heard a loud noise that
    frightened her kids. She said it shook the house like an earth
    quake. She went to her side door and looked up in the sky where it
    seemed the noise was coming from and saw nothing. So far this
    experience involved 8 people.

    Later in the day I saw a neighbor lady (about 27) and I asked her
    if she heard a loud noise. She said she thought it was an
    earthquake. She stepped outside and stood in the drive way looking
    up into the sky but couldn't see anything. That made it 9
    witnesses to the sound.

    The next day the noise abatement man called me. He said they were
    doing some engine testing at about 11pm. I told him that the
    airport is three miles away and that I was familiar with that sound
    which consists of 5 second thrusts that didn't sound any louder
    than a jet take-off three miles away. I asked about the possibility
    of some kind of government aircraft. He said all aircraft
    including government aircraft would need the required lights. I
    asked if it may have been a harrier jet hovering over our house.
    He said Harriers hover only a short period of time to enable take-
    off and landing because it uses up a tremendous amount of fuel.
    Finally he said that he doesn't do UFO reports. I replied that I
    don't believe in UFO's. He said that he believes in UFO's and that
    we will probably never another similar experience the rest of our

    When I went to the Service Meeting I asked an Elder who lives about
    3 blocks Southwest of our house if he heard the strange noise. He
    said he was asleep but that his wife and 14 year old son mentioned
    that it sounded like something was going to crash into the house.
    I asked her about it. She had been really terrified. She said the
    house was shaking and that she was too afraid to look out the
    window to see what it was. She seemed convinced that it was
    something "not of this world and demonic".

    About two weeks later we had a JW couple stop over for an evening
    of chat. I told them about the strange noise. They live about six
    miles southwest of us. They mentioned that they heard it too.
    They had gone to bed and were just about asleep. They thought it
    was a jet flying very low over their house and rattling things. But
    it got really irritating because unlike a jet that may pass over in
    15 seconds this went on for a long time. Neither of them looked
    outside either.

    So there were at least 12 people involved in this experience. The
    JW's involved concluded it was probably a UFO/Demons carrying on
    some kind of deceptive trick. This is a convenient way to reach a
    cheap closure of the event. In my case I carry this experience
    close to the surface of my thought processes because of the
    implications this has.

    There is a place on the web where people can report their UFO
    experiences. Every month there is a list of a couple hundred
    events. I have examined thousands of these reports and about 5% of
    them involve an experience similar to the one I just described. The
    main features involve a jet-like roar that shakes the house and
    goes on for an unusually long period of time. About half of those
    who report the sound also report seeing a huge low hovering
    wingless structure. Some have reported a bright shooting light
    after which the sound ceases - similar to my 15 year old son.
    According to the MUFON Web-Site the date of this experience was one
    of busiest nights of reporting the site has ever experienced. All
    across North America their were sightings.

    My conclusion is that this is definitely something from out of our
    world. I still doubt claims about alien abductions and crashed
    saucers (Roswell). In fact I doubt all claims except those that
    are similar to what I experienced. I know what I experienced. The
    fact that others have reported similar occurrences is confirming
    evidence - to me. I am not asking you to believe this. I am just
    saying that because I experienced this it has made me more open to
    this kind of stuff.
    What does this do for my faith? Whatever these entities are that
    passed over my house I believe they are material. After all they
    use physical craft to get around. They propel these craft with
    some kind of energy generator. I don't know if they are from some
    distant planet or if they are able to pop into our world through
    some so-called "gate". Undoubtedly they have an advanced
    technology. I now have great faith in the potential of humans to
    achieve a similar level of scientific achievement.

    I could kick myself for not going outside to investigate. I don't
    believe in God but I am sure we are not alone.

  • Naeblis

    So you heard a sound and your son saw a meteor and this changed your life?? Ok.

  • proplog2

    An unexplainable sound. Extraordinarily loud. Long duration. Sudden cessation after flash. Experienced by 12 different observers. Five different house-holds. Six mile area.

  • Naeblis

    And this proves....?

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    dammit nae! believe! BELIEVE! hmm, de ja vu

  • Naeblis

    No! Well, at least not on the basis of flimsy proof like this :P

    Boy: Pa I seen a light!

    Dad: What did it look like boy..

    Boy: It was all bright and it hurt my eyes!

    Dad: Hmm..

    Mom: I done heard some sounds too Pa. Sounds I aint never done heard before.

    Dad: Get the kids and the chickens Ma. Theres a trouble a brewin...ALIEN trouble..

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    i hate to do it...but HAHAHHAHAH!!!

  • Abaddon

    I think I'll carry putting off my night school course in Thargian, as I don't think a Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind is gonna happen to me any time soon.

    The aliens have discovered that I am the guardian of Earth, having sole control of the Sceptical Bastard Bomb, the Show Me Some Evidence Gun, and the Don't Believe That Sh*t Ray.

    As any and all alien encounters I have thus far read of are defeated by this array of weaponry, thay have put the invasion off indefinately.

    Don't thank me, send me money;

    Abaddon, Angel of the Abyss, Defender of Earth
    PO Box 1234
    The Nether Netherlands.

    If I had had the experience you had, I would still not 'believe' in UFO's. You had a strange experience that is not initially explainable. But that does not mean it had anything to do with 'little green men', or extraterrestial lifeforms.

    You cite David Blaine and mention demons; do you STILL believe that?

    He's good, but as far as I am aware makes no claims to superpowers, although his tricks do often defy explaination. However, if you told a Neolithic tribesman that a TV screen had an image painted on it be a beam of sub-atomic particles you would be answered by an uncomprehending blink. Just cause we don't get how he does some of his stuff doesn't mean it's REAL magic.

    How do I know this? Well, if people have paranormal powers, then there doesn't seem to be the spectrum of behaviour one would expect. Some would use their powers for good, but personally speaking, I think that the "making a card appear on the opposite side of the glass" trick David Blaine does could be reversed quite nicely with ATM machines.

    But there are no super-crooks with paranormal powers, which means that super powers do not exist, as it is unsupportable to believe that people with paranormal powers are all law-abiding citizens, or that they cannot use their powers for personal gain, or that they never get caught.

    Likewise, aliens who could bridge the gap between stars at superluminal speeds would have technology that would mean they'd only be seen if they wanted it. Why would they almost appear to you? If they wanted to make their presence known, the White House lawn is a better option. Of course, they could be preparing the Earth for contact by letting themselves be seen here and there, or your house might have been buzzed by a bunch of drunk teenage aliens in their parents saucer, but those options don't seem likely.

    I have no doubts you experienced something, but don't leap to conclusions.

    As a side note, people have been seeing stuff in the sky for ages. For example, throughout the Dark Ages, beasts and armies would commonly appear in the sky. UFO's would seem logically to be a similar phenomonem; possibly real events explained by cognotive leaps rather than evidencary trails.

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

  • proplog2

    It proves that there is someone operating something that doesn't correspond to any current technology. The only thing that could be comparable would be a blimp with huge speakers. That could account for the slow movement. Electronic amplifiers can generate a lot of sound. Would they be doing this as a practical joke? Who can afford a blimp? Would someone want to risk getting caught doing this? Why is this phenomena reported in places all over the country?

    Nothing here has been proven scientifically. But there is an aspect of science in that it is an event reported by normal people who really didn't choose this experience. Eventually these things will be explained. One thing is certain. It is not a random natural event. It involved energy. It was directional (movement in a line from SW to NE). It's directionality suggests it was piloted. The pilots were not affraid of any consequences for disturbing the peace and breaking aviation rules and noise regulations.

  • Naeblis

    How do you know? You didn't even see it.

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