HELP! Real UFO experience. No Joke. Very Serious

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  • rhett

    I've got a little more experience with meteors and fireballs than most people and from what you have described it sounds almost like a text book fireball. There are occasionaly sounds like what you described that have been observed that can be very localized and last for quite a while. Can't exactly explain it myself but have heard quite a bit about it. For some reason they are often heard before the actual fireball is seen but not very long (if at all) after it passes. No one can really explain why this happens but it has been known to happen many times. The fact that there was a lot of UFO activity that same night doens't mean that there really were UFO's that night because it could just as easily mean quite a few people saw the same bolide (large fireball). Not only that but ones of good size can easily be seen across many states and still not hit anything (or could crash in the ocean even if it did hit).
    I'm really envious of you not because I wish that I could see a UFO but I would have loved to have experienced such an incredible bolide.
    As far as my personal beliefs, I do believe in alien life and UFO's whole heartedly. I don't really know if I believe the abductions and whatnot but I can very easily see our planet being visited by species from other planets. Even if we aren't visited by anyone then I can't see how we could be totally alone in the universe. To borrow a line from the movie Contact describing the possibility that we are alone in the universe, "It sure seems like an awful waste of space."
    That being said, I do believe in UFO's but I very seriously doubt that was what happened that night. Email me privately as I would love to get some more information from you about this.

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  • Skeptic


    No, you are not crazy, but your conclusion may be premature.

    First, the bare facts:
    1) To the best of my knowledge the WTBS does not say that UFOs are demons. They leave it open, acknowledging that life on other planets could exist.
    2) The sovernerty issue stuff could mean that earth is the "test planet", if you believe that part of JW theology.
    3) Scientists agree that there is probably life elsewhere in the Universe. They also agree this is theoretical, and there is no proof of it yet.
    4) The chances of intelligent beings travelling to earth is remote, given our current knowledge of science. Current knowledge shows that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Hence, beings travelling at the speed of light from the nearest star would take 200 years to get here. Plus, there is probably not life near the nearest stars. To get from whereever there is life to earth would probably take millions of years, given interstellar distances.
    5) You hear/saw a flying object that remains unidentified. That makes it a UFO by definition. But it does not mean that it came from outside Earth.

    You do have enough evidence to know that you hear and ssw something real. You do not have enough evidence to decide it was alien technology. Your logical is actually incredulity. "I don't know how it could happen, so it must be aliens." That is the same sort of logic that creationists use. "I don't know how the Universe got here, so God must have made it."

    Just because we do not have an explaination, it does not mean the explaination is extraordinary.

    So your current belief system does not have to be shaken. It could be an earthly source, or an alien source. Based on past investigations of UFOs, it is most likely an earthly source.

    I have seen video tapes of helicopters landing in the dark, and they look like a flying saucer landing. I would never guess it was a helicopter. I would guess it was a flying saucer though.

    Just my two cents,


  • waiting

    Focus said:

    Of course, I could be wrong.

    (Cold Sheol Class)



  • AlanF

    Proplog, you probably ought to look into more earthly explanations for what your family heard and saw. There are rare but natural phenomena that causes all sorts of weird effects, and are so rare that it's extremely difficult for an objective observer to see them.

    I saw a TV documentary about how one such UFOish thing was finally explained. It seems that every once in awhile in the vicinity of Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington there appeared wierd lights in the sky, or moving around the tops of various hills. Plenty of people were interested, and some were frightened, for many years. Eventually some geologists finally discovered, partly by accident if I remember right, that the lights were actually a rare type of electrical discharge between the ground and the air that is caused by stress buildup in the rock layers underlying the area. The rock has to be of a certain type, and a number of other conditions have to be just right, for the discharges to occur. So here we have proof of a strange phenomenon being explained by natural causes.

    Perhaps your noise and lights were a form of ball lightning? It's been a long time since I read about that, but I remember that it can do some incredible things.


  • Mulan

    The only thing I know for sure, is that I know NOTHING for sure. I think it is entirely possible that there are UFO's. From other planets? Who knows? I don't discount anything anymore.

    My daughter's mother in law is always spouting conspiracy theories, and UFO stuff, but she is such an unreliable source, for a very intelligent woman, that we usually laugh at her. I guess it really isn't fair, but all she has is heresay. You actually experienced it. Could be. Could be.

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  • proplog2


    The whole thing went on for about 15 to 20 minutes. It was not fast.

    Here is someones report of a similar incident
    Reported : 11/16/2001 12:54:12 PM 12:54
    Posted : 11/20/2001
    Location : Boyne City, MI
    Shape : Diamond Diamond shape craft, loud rumbling noise, spinning lights over Northern Michigan

    I heard a loud rumbling noise and when it continued I went to my back door to listen. Thinking it was a jet plane I went back inside. The noise continued getting louder, I again went out into the back yard but did not see anything but stars. I went into our living room where my husband, son, and son's friend were watching TV and asked "can't you hear that", they said yes but thought it was just a jet going over. I told them that was what I thought too, but it must be more than one and going very slow. They went outside to the front of the house and came rushing back in and said you have to come out and see this. We all went out to the front yard and could see this huge diamond shape with elongated bottom, with a light at each tip and an orange light in the middle. It gradually moved off to the northwest. I went back inside and within 5 minutes they yelled it was coming back. We all watched as it traveled over our home traveling southeast, when it got over Boyne City all of a sudden all of the outside lights started to spin around. Shortly the light on the right side veered off over Lake Charlevoix, which was to the west, while rest of the craft continued on its course, but soon the lone light came back and was heading the same direction as the large craft. It traveled until it was out of sight. The next day at work, two of my co-workers said they had also heard the noise, but had not gone outside to investigate. I then started calling law enforcement agencies, FAA, and local airports.

  • proplog2


    I have seen a bolide once in my life. I was about 10 years old. I lived with my grandmother. Used to sit on the back balcony on warm nights. It was pre 1957 so it wasn't human space junk. It was red and about the size of the moon in the sky. It took about 45 seconds to travel accross the sky. All the while it was visible it was making a jet sound and it was crackling. Parts of it looked black as if it had a cooler crust. Sparks were trailing behind it. Went from west to east over Lake Michigan. Probably plunged into the Lake. Or it was possibly really huge and splashed in the Atlantic. Things that are falling into our atmosphere seem to move quite rapidly due to the accelerating effect of gravity. My wife complained of her left ear hurting the next day. She was sitting on the bed and the sound was comming from her left.

    Here is another report similar to my experience:

    Reported : 12/1/2001 7:18:02 PM 19:18
    Posted : 12/5/2001
    Location : S.Bossier, LA
    Shape : Cigar Two low altitude, large, slow moving craft, cigar shaped, odd light configuration and sounds.

    Heard tremendous roaring sound, making house vibrate, went outside on deck saw 2 large, low altitude craft, (about 2,000 ft. or less), strange lighting configuration, very brite red lights in "center of both craft, and brite white lights on front and back. Clear night, good wing lights or small tail lights at all, just lights spanning the length of both craft! No green lite or other lites that FAA requires. Outstanding features to this sighting, craft extremely noisey, rumbling and roaring, to the point, I feared a crash was about to occur! Duration of sighting....were in view for too long to be conventional jets, judging by their size and altitude. Being so low and large, it was hard for me to comprehend how they could stay airborne. May have been more then 2, but when I went outside, 2 evident.Both about size of b-52' their size would appear at night, but not jets like those, much to low and slow! 8:45 p.m. Dec.1,2001 Good weather, visibility.

  • AlanF

    Whatever this last person saw, Proplog, it doesn't match what your son saw. The noise, maybe, but not the description. Interesting stuff, in any case.


  • messenger

    It just goes to show in this time of the end the demons are getting trickier and trickier. Now they are buzzing the brothers and sisters homes to try and break their concentration off spiritual things. The time spent worrying about the noise could have been much better spent in reading your latest wt or preparing a sermon for field service.

    Are you going to allow the demons to destroy your spirituality?

  • neyank

    Could they be the chariots of angels?

    There are lots of sites on the web discussing ufos.
    Some people swear that they have seen them.

    I remember the story of a couple from New Hampshire from many years ago.
    I believe their names were Betty and Barney Hill. (I could be mistaken.)
    It made great news I guess.
    In fact there is a book out about the incident.
    They claimed to have been abducted by a ufo.
    They were hypnotised and they told what occured to them.
    They had alot of sceptics believing them.

    There are many other stories about ufos from some very reliable people.

    Could they all be wheather balloons?
    Could they all be a figment of peoples imagination?

    Or could it be that we as a Human Race wouldn't know how to handle the knowledge that there could be a far more advanced civilization out there?

    The easiest way for people to handle the subject of ufos is to scoff at it.
    To make fun of anyone that claims to have had some kind of experience with it.

    And then we can also tie in the ufo phenomina (spl?) with the scriptures.
    I think there are a few scriptures that sound like there could have been ufos involved.

    What Focus said about the subject makes sense.

    Can we really be that sure that there is no other life out there?


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