You Know a Spiritual Coward

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  • AlanF

    Ah Rexie! With every post you confirm that it is good for people not to become judgmental Fucked Up Fundies.

    I use the F word, as you so daintily call it, on those who are well described by it. It's better than pretending that you're God's judge, as you do, and joyously condemning to death all who disagree with you.

    Unlike you I'm not a coward, as any of the many on this board who have called me on the phone can testify. You hide behind deceptive statements like, "I have posted more than enough personal info to allow anyone in my area to identify me", but of course only someone who already knows you can identify you that way since you don't post your name. You haven't the courage of your convictions, and your hypocrisy is blindingly evident. It's obvious that you're insanely jealous of anyone who regularly shows how brainless you and other Fundies can be.

    As for contacts, anyone at all can simply call the Service Department and ask to speak to someone about a problem. You just have to have a bit of courage -- something you Fundies are gravely lacking.


  • unclebruce


    Wow. NO, you keep right away from there OK!? lol. (you're turning me on with talk about yer dowdy dress .. is it ankle length? .. please let it be so!

    unclebruce turned on by girls who hang out in library's lol.

  • jayhawk1

    Uncle & Wassa,
    Dresses that go to the ankles leave more to the imagination.

    I sent you an e-mail a few minutes ago, thanking you for your time tonight. So once again, thanks.

    Is this a light saber in my pocket or am I just happy to see you?

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

  • DannyBear


    I saw that. You bedeviled, swarthy, outback a/prostate hunter you.

    What can I say, if Robert did not receive your package or have the decency to let you know, you were just verifing an address, no?

    Your to far away to cause any security problems anyway, you bastard.


  • unclebruce

    Hey Rex,

    You're letting your antipathy for Alan cloud your judgement. I have never phoned Alan but know many who have and some who have met him in person. They all say nothing but good things about the man. I emailed him for the first time a couple of weeks ago and he replied straight back. I'd like to phone him one day. He still posts the same number he did well over a year ago on h20 and I'm sure we'd get along just fine.

    Alan and i disagee on some stuff but big deal, neither of want do the preach thing. I don't think I have even seen Alan put forward his own religious or spiritual philosophy. You call Alan puffed up etc but can't counter his water tight logic. I well understand Alans frustration and have learned to only argue with ignorant fundy's for fun. When facts and sound reasoning mean nothing to your opponant the only thing left is mockery

    Alan is open with his ID Rex so what's this latest nonsense about?


    PS: Some of us take a while to come out and open our lives up to the worldwide apostate brother/sisterhood. I took a while but jump start jesus and serve him alive .. even Yadfluff put his photo up the other day.

  • unclebruce

    G'day Bearbutt,

    If it really is YouKnow's address then he's a confirmed liar. If it's the address of some conman he/she deserves having his/her name and address posted from here to Timbuktoo. oo I just thought of one scenerio that might bring that simple reasoning undone. Now I'm worried. Oh well. lol.

    Security implications? You think someone might hate YK enough to throw a rock through his window? We can only hope it donks him on the noggin.

    cheers, unclebruce

  • Trilobite


    You're getting smart in yr old age. I always knew you had it in you. People from Blackburn Road sometimes need hitting with a 2 x 4 but they all have bloody soft hearts - unfortunately the minds tend to follow!!!! :-) So that's where folks like AlanF come in.



  • LoneWolf

    Thanks, JT

    I can only assume that you are up near the bighouse in patterson which means that the local congo are OVERUN with bethel heavies everywhere smile
    LOL. Actually, no. I live in Cottage Grove, Oregon and the congregations here are kind of backwaters, if you know what I mean. Ever since Garrett moved in we've had Bethel heavyweights coming in to give talks. I'd like to claim that the reason for all that attention is that I'm such a great threat to them, but I'm not that egotistical.

    To touch on the reason that the Society's past writings are still important --- they are still claiming to be inspired. Sure, they'll claim that they aren't, then use "spirit directed" and any of a dozen other euphamisms that mean exactly the same thing. If they'd drop that idiocy, most of the problems they have would be solved.

    Who was the dude in the Peanuts comic strip who would never let go of the Towel?????????
    Shroeder, wasn't it? I think.

    Tom Howell
    Alias: LoneWolf

  • Englishman
    Robert King of 11007 122nd Lane N.E. R137 Kirkland WA 98033 USA?

    Is that in Seattle? Someone said that he lived in Seattle. I dunno.

    Boeing, boeing....gone!


    Bring on the dancing girls!

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