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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    kewpie 13 hours ago
    Why so much criticism regarding writing ability? Not everyone here has English as their first language. Question the content w/o being demeaning toward command of English. It is difficult for some people to reach out. No need to make it harder.
    Sorry you assumed I was criticizing someone's writing ability. Some folks were making comments and I was trying to figure out why I couldn't make sense of the original post. No criticism of anyone intended.
  • Heaven

    Well, IF they alter the shunning policy I foresee this going the same way as the no blood policy.

    They will alter it in writing, but in practice, it will remain.

    It is a key control mechanism for the Watchtower.

  • SAHS

    The WT organization would never drop either the shunning or the no blood policy, because those two things have long become the hallmark of their “religion.” Ask anybody what first comes to their mind when you mention JWs, and right away they would inevitably bring up shunning and no blood transfusions (and then they would mention no Chtistmas and no birthdays, all in that order).

    JWs without shunning and no blood would be like the Hare Krishna without the robes and drums or Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple without the Kool-Aid. It’s what defines them. And I couldn’t imagine the WT organization being willing to let go of their pet instruments of power and control – which have served them well. (The governing body, that is. Certainly not their followers.)

    If they were to abolish, or to even relax, the powerful shunning weapon, then no doubt about half the membership would leave right off the bat because they would no longer be blackmailed by their families being held at ransom. A huge proportion of the young born-ins would then jump ship in a heartbeat (only about 33% of born-ins stay) – and the governing body knows that quite well!

  • cantleave
    They will always be told to shun apostates. We are too dangerous to them.
  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I can see a slow shift to a more "conscience" driven approach to shunning. If that happens you will begin to see more articles and convention talks about "reaching out with mercy and understanding" as a way to bring those who left because of doctrinal or procedural disagreements.

    I have heard that there will be "reach out" programs first to disassociated ones and then those who committed some carnal sin many years before. It makes no sense to block out elderly former JWs who were DFd 30 years ago for "fornication." Many of them couldn't recommit that sin now if they wanted to while others have become stable parents and married partners for years - so have "repented" by their actions (or health), if not by repeating words of repentance before a judicial committee.

    I do believe that we will see in the relatively near future a "special ministry" directed to those who have been forced out and shunned by their families. Shunning of family members could be relegated to a "conscience matter" (as the Watchtower already claims it to be when asked by media or courts). Removing the threat of judicial action against those who refuse to fully shun someone could be justified. My mother and father would not shun me when I showed up at their door, but their conscience would not allow them to come and stay in my house or go out of their way to "invite" me to their home. My father was an elder for many years and as far as I know never was reproved for allowing me to visit him. My sister and niece followed the same pattern most of the time - but they would "harden their hearts" at various times after the Watchtower would clamp down.

    Agree or not with my suggestion, but I do see some movement toward relaxation coming in the next five years. Too many JWs are being disfellowshipped or disassociating themselves and leaving - and then deciding that the whole JW experience is not worth fighting to rejoin - even if it means disconnection from loved ones.


  • snare&racket

    It's like saying coke have decided that anyone can use their name and logo design.....

    Why would they do that? It's the only thing protecting their brand....

    likewise with shunning

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    OFF-TOPIC:Not sure why my text is repeating (this has

    Not sure why my text is repeating (this has happened before). I've seen it on some other posts as well. This is the only site where that seems to happen when I post.

    [I've gone back and deleted the duplicated text.]

  • Vidiot

    problemaddict 2 - "Honestly......its really quite brilliant. Giving the appearance of being reasonable, without actually changing anything of substance..."

    Yup; credit where credit's due.

    They're f**king experts at that particular kind of thing.

  • wifibandit
    Has anyone actually seen this brochure? Can anyone provide a copy of the file?
  • cappytan
    Has anyone actually seen this brochure? Can anyone provide a copy of the file?

    I agree with wifibandit. I'm not accusing anyone of lying, but I'm viewing this the same as I view God. I'll believe that this brochure exists when at the very least a screenshot of it appears.

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