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  • kewpie
    Why so much criticism regarding writing ability? Not everyone here has English as their first language. Question the content w/o being demeaning toward command of English. It is difficult for some people to reach out. No need to make it harder.
  • freemindfade

    It's an interesting thought.

    1. They have been using it to keep the thing together for decades
    2. So many have been affected by it it's hard to imagine them having to reverse that. Probably be a bigger woopsie than the generation thing.
    3. but on the other hand, with Islam and others being more exposed for the same practice, it may put pressure on them and it may have legal implications

    Like recently I have been thinking. You aren't considered an adult until 18 (in america). I was baptized at 15 and considered old in my area. But still I couldn't get married Etc that young and not be criticized. How can you make an equally critical decision before being an adult that could potentially destroy your life later when you become more mature and change your mind

  • _Morpheus

    Kewpie, i agree people shouldnt be mocked simply because english isnt their first language.

    I think in this case it stems from two root causes:

    1) in the united states and other primarly english language cultures, many fraud artists send spam emails that are very poorly written and translated into english via google or similar means. Those phising emails come acrros reading very much like the OP here. Given the very dubious nature of the OP it all adds up to a very spammy or phishy reading post.

    2) its relevant because the service department (and all others for that matter) at headquarters here in the USA are all english speaking. For the poster to have so much trouble posting in english casts another shadow of doubt on his claims. If the language barrier between english and whatever his or her native tounge may be is so signifigant how could they possibly effectivly communicate with the english speaking service department, let alone fordge friendships strong enough to get access to confidential information regarding a future relaxing of the "shunning" policy?

    Thus it seems relevant in this case and for those reasons to question the posters grasp of english. Further, as noted before, i actually DO have "friends" (former aquantinces who would shun me if they knew i was apostate) in writing and service. They have both assured me that absolutly no information is forthcomming regarding a relaxing of any policy on DF'ing or the so called shunning aspect of it.

    The OP is complete and total malarky.

  • sir82

    I'm in contact with service and writing

    I am in contact with Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz and he says you're full of it.

  • Slave4_38y
    Yes sir82, but is your contact request filled out in triplicate?
  • kewpie


    I agree, I had no idea what was being conveyed! But I seem to have that problem w/ many posts, haha!

  • Vidiot

    @ Morpheus...

    You're right; something definitely smells "phishy" about the OP.

  • steve2
    My apologies for my vigorous humor. However, if you make special claims and your communication is unclear expect this buzzie bee to sting. It is easy to assert you are in contact with Bethel staff and they have disclosed this, that and the other. Besides, what staff would disclose such stupendous developments and land themselves in deep do-do by having it amped up on a forum such as this? Poopie please post. Unless you ard of the post and run school of communication.
  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Even before knowing TTATT I refused to participate in the shunning activities. I have been counseled on it in the past and I have simply said is not loving or polite to ignore people in general. Nevertheless, it is true, shunning is a JW trademark of sorts.


  • BU2B
    I have seen the likes of Anthony Morris, Steve Lett and David Splane speak. As long as these heartless, soulless freaks are at the helm, shunning will NOT end. They would revise the blood doctrine and stop protecting pedos before they end shunning, and I dont see that happening either. Shunning is now in the DNA of JWism.

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