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  • _Morpheus

    @juan, the position you suggest already exists. Once a year they (congregation elders) are directed to reach out to all df'd ones and encourage them to return. Thts decades old. A recent CO visit had the elders personally inviting inactive ones to the meeting.

    None of that is new or a special ministry or reflective of a shift towards laxing their stance on former members.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think I was optimistic in hoping they would be "forced" into easing the harshness of the DFing policy.

    One only needs to download the 04/15/2015 WT Study Edition to see how "loving" the DFing arrangement is.


  • freein2004

    Well we all know their doctrines can change over night. So the April 2015 magazine doesn't mean that this particular change is impossible. They are going mainstream. No doubt about that! They are seriously rebranding themselves. An ease in the shunning could get some people back. I doubt anybody in here. Definitely not me.

    So though those the assholes AKA, FDS are still spewing out their nonsense and hate about shunning people it doesn't mean there isn't a battle going on behind closed doors about this sick unchristian practice.

    So I would not be surprised and I do think eventually it has to happen. But I will believe it when I see it.

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