It's starting shunning will stop brochure first.step

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  • redvip2000

    Im in contact with service and writing and brochure first step there bleeding publishers they can't take it anymore publishers are depressed because they feel they must shun others and they know it's unloving.

    What is your native language? Do you guys use punctuation?

  • New day
    New day
    Got to support those who say stop criticizing those for whom English is not their first language. Having said that, I don't think the poster has it right. No sign that shunning is going to end.
  • Magnum

    New day, do you know for a fact that English is not his/her first language? If it's not, then certainly I will make allowance for that. But even if it's not, I think more effort should have been made to make the point clear and to use some punctuation.

  • poopie
    English not mee first language but me sorry for bad language but I'm working on it
  • poopie
    I will show you letter that was sent to wrighting
  • poopie
    Dear brothers , is the greek word xaipeiv ,accurately translated into English according to the rules of grammar of Kline greek in bi12e and nwt e by the New world translation committee in 2 John 10,11 ?
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Ummmm.....I'm confused now.

    Anyways shunning will not end. My official prediction is that they will still shun, but it may be moved to a "shunning light". Same communal social and communal excommunication, but less filling.

    Something will be changed that will seem like a big deal to the rank and file. Maybe more visits from the elders? The ability for that one to be given a BIBLE STUDY with a mature member of the congregation? Something along those lines.

    Everyone will nod their heads and say WOW! Jehovah is really opening the door one last time for those that have lost heart! What a loving provision. Some of those who have left will interpret it that way as well because they never left mentally, and then in 2016 they will read all of the return to Jehovah experiences.

    And the world will keep spinning.

    Honestly......its really quite brilliant. Giving the appearance of being reasonable, without actually changing anything of substance. Don't worry you filthy will still be shunned into oblivion.

    Just picture the following sentence somewhere in the brochure. "....unless of course one has taken a stand against Christ's brothers."

  • poopie
    Answer The new world Traslation committee , accurately translated into English, the Koine greek word existing in the original language manuscripts of the bible in Luke 1:29 as the English word ,"greeting" in the bi12 e . This Greek aspsmo interlin page 251 vines page 281 heading greeting ; beheading , B noun, 783
  • poopie
    That was part 1 3 more parts to go
  • _Morpheus

    Poopie, let me save you some trouble: a letter YOU sent them means nothing in regard to changing policy.

    THe. policy. Isnt. Changing. Its not even being discussed.

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