It's starting shunning will stop brochure first.step

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  • Daniel1555

    I don't understand your title and post.

    Can't you write clearer?

    Do you mean they write a brochure about it?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    They really need to shut down the whole judicial committee process and stop shunning because the way things are going this might save them lots of future lawsuits, not the ones pending or in the very near future but down the road a little further. It should be a financial decision that these CEOs should make to save their corporation, while it it true they will loose lots more members it is better than going bankrupt from lawsuits that this in house judicial process they have in place opens them up for.

    So I think the end of shunning could happen if these dinosaurs on the GB team take a long hard look at the mess they are in and the need to bite the bullet so to speak.

  • hoser
    April fools is still six days away
  • berrygerry

    The other major change that they made is to openly acknowledge that they shun in their FAQ's.

    "We do not automatically disfellowship someone who commits a serious sin. If, however, a baptized Witness makes a practice of breaking the Bible’s moral code and does not repent, he or she will be shunned or disfellowshipped."

    If the FAQ's do not change, then the policy is not changing.

  • _Morpheus

    @poopie- you are absolutly not in touch with anyone in writing or teaching. I have "friends" who are in fact in writing and they have for certain affirmed that any rumor regarding an end to the DF'ing arrangment as we know it (including so called shunning) is absolutely untrue.

    Normally i wouldnt care about silly tripe like your post but this particilar policy causes a lot of people personal discomfort and pain. I hate to see them have false expectations of relief based on your obvious lies and exagerations.

    The policy is going nowhere.

  • Magnum
    Pete Zahut:
    I understand and recognize all of the words used in both the opening title and in the body of this post but for the life of me I can't understand what's being said.
    Is it just me?

    No, it's not just you.

    Daniel 1555: I don't understand your title and post. Can't you write clearer?

    I second that.

  • steve2
    Poopie has pooped and run. Like Pete's and others' posts, I cannot fathom what Poopie's poop is on about. Bad English = bad smell. Deodorizer needed urgently.
  • Mandrake

    Telegram like sentences hahahahaha

  • Splash

    I'm in contact with service and writing and brochure first step there bleeding publishers they can't take it anymore publishers are depressed because they feel they must shun others and they know it's unloving.

    I'll translate:
    "It's starting! Shunning will stop - brochure is first step.

    I'm in contact with the service and writing dept's, and this new brochure is the first step. The publishers can't take it anymore. Publishers are depressed because they feel they must shun others and they know it's unloving."

    My view is that the new brochure to reach out to those that have left comes from the realisation that increase has all but stopped, and the only audience never previously targeted are those who have gone. They have haemorrhaged millions of people over the last few decades and now want their donations.

    Another thread on this topic said the new brochure is really for those already 'in', to show how much the GB care for the lost sheep. I think that's a very valid position as well.

    I can see elders being ordered into a special effort in every congregation, checked by the CO, to contact every one who ever used to be a JW.

    In response, ex-JW's should be aware of this and use it as an opportunity to expose these elders to TTATT. Find something in the brochure to discuss that sheds light on the falsehoods and danger of the Org - maybe even the scriptural view of shunning itself.

  • Xanthippe
    This person is in contact with the service and writing departments? Where? This person is barely literate. Am I supposed to believe what they say. I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting fed up of people writing garbled posts on here. Please learn to spell and write in sentences.

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