Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are Discouraged From Using the Internet

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  • Gerard
    Not to appear dense, but how can anyone have "sex" on the Internet? --Sylvia

    I dunno....maybe by wrapping some of those electric wires to our goodies? You gotta think like a GB dinosaur in order to come up with this stuff.

  • cantleave

    Even elders are told not to do shepherding calls on apostates. They can visit convicted pedophiles, they can visit serial adulterers if they want. But apostates are off limits. They are dead to the GB, because they are the ones that expose them.

    All this is really is an attempt at damage control against bad publicity. They don't give a rats ass about anyones "spirituality", esp apostates.

    Absolutely right Jeff. This was one of the things I was told when I was an MS just before being appointed an Elder. I always found it strange, and fuelled by paranoia. When I asked a CO's what constututes sinning against the HS he answered Apostacy is the only sin I can think of.

  • Gorki

    Facebook sex! That idea must come from a sick mans mind but unfortunately there are some perverts out there. AllTimeJeff, please tell us where the source is. An Watchtower article or a speech at an assembly?

  • wobble

    I just watched a prog. on the BBC called "The Virtual Revolution" about the inception and growth of the Internet.

    One of the interviewees on there, a guy from the Grateful Dead who helped the Net along in the first place, said that in the past it was so easy to control people, because it was so easy to control the information they had access to.

    That is the G.Bs problem, they know it, but not what to do about it, the information is too easy to access, their control is slipping, no control, no dollars.

    As Ray Franz said, the best weapon against them is the published word of truth.

    By the way, the above programme is worth watching if you get a chance simply for the curiosity of seeing the BIGGEST POSER I have EVER seen on T.V, and lets face it ,we have seen some.

    Dr. Alex Krotoski , the presenter, makes sure she is in as much footage as possible, all of it posing !!! And most of it unnecessary. Boy what an ego !



  • AllTimeJeff

    Giving Attention to the Needs of the Circuit at Assemblies. While CO's can incorporate local needs after consultation with the DO, the Society will generally put in an outline certain matters they want discussed.

    Also, social networking has been mentioned at all elder's meetings during the week of the CO's visit.

    Is it in print? Not yet. But it is being taught.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Our cong is full of Facebook friends. We had a CO visit not too long ago. Is a local needs part on the horizon?

  • neverendingjourney

    Isn't it JW policy that masturbating while chatting online constitutes "fornication" for purposes of judicial action?

  • AllTimeJeff
    Isn't it JW policy that masturbating while chatting online constitutes "fornication" for purposes of judicial action?

    Yes it can if it was a chat of a sexual nature, although if I recall, there was some dispute with some elders of whether or not it should be "loose conduct."

    Either way, its a disfellowshipping offense.

  • neverendingjourney
    Yes it can if it was a chat of a sexual nature

    My heart dropped when I heard Gerritt Losch mention this at an assembly. I had to go back through years of memories to determine whether I was guilty of this "sin"...lol.

    How JWs don't realize that the GB=Pope is beyond me.

  • iknowall558

    Jeff.....I just have to say... I love your posts. You have a great way of expressing your thoughts and you capture everthing exactly as it is. Just wanted to show my appreciation for your input.

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