Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are Discouraged From Using the Internet

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  • Neon Bible
    Neon Bible

    Has anyone seen any articles published by the WT on Social Networking?

  • fokyc


    "In recent years, technology has sparked a revolution that has had a profound effect on youths. For example, in many lands the cell phone and the computer have become a lifeline of the adolescent social world. Social networking sites have opened up a whole new world of possibilities. “You can be relatively friendless in real life and then suddenly have hundreds of friends online,” says a 19-year-old girl in Australia."


    “A social networking site is like an online party,” says a girl named Joanna. “Some very scary people can show up.” The personal information posted on social networks can be exploited by unscrupulous youths and adults. Thus, Internet safety expert Parry Aftab calls such sites “one stop shopping for sexual predators.”

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    In case anyone thinks that the fear of the internet is dying off, this latest thread from Jwtalk indicates otherwise.. "People have become so spooked about any internet site...yet most have been on Facebook (as this other sister is) for years, whereas I have never wanted to be on Facebook. There is this thing called FREE WILL that Jehovah gave to all of us.".. And other examples of people being treated with suspicion.. http://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/9856-im-in-trouble-for-recommending-this-site/

  • sir82

    Actually, I believe the Society thinks they have demonized "apostates" so thoroughly that the vast majority of JWs would run screaming from the room if anything even hinting of it were to appear on their screens.

    I'd say the primary reason the Society hates Facebook is that it is an easy way for family members to keep in touch with DF'ed relatives.

  • nonjwspouse

    I personally speculate the GB is attempting to harness this internet "beast" by encouraging the use in very controlled perameteer. I believe they will begin publishing much material on the website expecting the JWs to download instead of gettig the printed copies for themselves. Plus, will begin charging for access to the non public JW material on the net ( study editions and other publications) This give them the revenue without the paper publishing costs for those who access on the net. Then they ask the publishers to print public WT and Awake! on their printers to hand out in field service... yes, transferrring those costs as well.

    If you can't beat um join um right? A smarter move on their part than continuing to try to forbid. They want to control within the WT parameters, like sending children to public schools.... integrate, and place strict rules to obey.

    I just wonder when they will begin to rewrite portions of the publications, then claim hard copies that don't agree are " apostate" . They'll have to wait a while on that.

  • erbie

    They fear everything that provides knowledge.

    Higher Education and the internet are their biggest enemies.

    There aren't any more corners for them to hide in so they lash out at anything they see as a threat.

    The internet throws light on them and they do not like that.

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