Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are Discouraged From Using the Internet

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  • Magwitch

    What is so sad is that so many witnesses believe that turning on the internet is tantamount with porn and masturbation. I have had my old JW parents remark many times "There is nothing good on the internet, it is nothing but Satan's trap". How the hell would they know? They have never had a computer in their whole senile life. However, now they are experts on the subject because they heard it from the platform.

  • AllTimeJeff

    The whole point is very simple: The Governing Body has built up faith in their deity of choice, Jehovah.

    Unfortunately for them, on their way to their current understanding of Jehovah, and why they are right and thus have authority over 7,000,000 people, is a history littered with old, contrary, wishy washy doctrines and attempts at prophecy.


    While I appreciate the comments on sex and the internet, it really illustrates just how ridiculous they are in their efforts to in essence, say "See, stay away from that nasty old internet. You might get some on you. You're really better off if you just reading WT articles and listening to Kingdom Melodies."

    The GB is being stupid. I don't need to belabor that point. What I think is happening now is that because of the internet, its starting to get ridiculous.

    It used to be before the information age that a GB claim about the evil ol world couldn't really be fact checked if you had your head up your butt. There really wasn't an easy way to compare notes.

    Now there is. The internet is a great equalizer for the low hanging fruit of people with brains who hear some of this drivel and go to themselves, "WTF?"

    The more they try to hide, the more ridiculous they righly appear.

  • garyneal

    good post jeff

  • Elsewhere

    > Evidentally, the GB would like their flock to believe that when JW's get on Facebook and other social networking sites, fornication happens.

    Damn... apparently I haven't been making full use of the potential of Facebook!

  • Spectre

    The only reason I check out this site is for the porn....

  • AllTimeJeff

    Just a further thought about sex and the internet.

    DUH! Yes, porn is everywhere.

    And I think the GB would rather have their flock visit a porn site then an "apostate" website. To them, ideas are much more dangerous then sex.

    But you can't say that without looking even more ridiculous then you normally do. So the trick is this

    The GB thinks "We can't say that ideas are bad. But we want to get people off the internet. I know, we will just maintain that everyone who goes on these sites commit fornication. We know it isn't true, but if we can pull it off, they won't be exposed to those who would expose us for who we are."

    We all know the GB doesn't really give a damn about their flocks faith. It's just that this faith represents the best control mechanism the GB has. Thats what they want to keep, for their own purposes.



    I could`nt agree more..

    The WBT$ is getting an Ass Kicking on the Internet..

    "Tuesday" just put up a thread about a Youtube JW parody..

    It is the frigg`n funniest thing I have seen in a while..

    If parodys like this catchs on..

    The WBT$ reputation is going to go down a lot faster than anyone would have thought..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Outstanding as always Jeff.

  • miseryloveselders

    I've never met any of the Powers That Be at HQ, but I imagine they've got to be the most insecure men you could ever come across. To be this desperate to keep people in the dark. With pornography, they can continue to control people, because its a sin/morality issue at play. So the remorseful sinner is still under the local body of elder's thumb. The enlightened, or the aware, aren't so easy to manipulate.

    When I come across things in life, that I need answers on, for instance, I needed to do struts on my car. I wondered what I was getting myself into, so I went online. I was able to save some money as a result. Every now and then, my cell phone recieves a call from an odd number. I look it up online, and sure enough others have recieved calls from the same caller. Sometimes its a scam, or a customer service outreach center from a company I may have purchased something from. If I wasn't born into this religion, and some JWs came to my door, after they would leave, the first thing I would do is go online and find out who it was that the two individuals at my door represented. Chances are likely I might come across this forum or similar, and that wouldnt be a good thing for the WTS.

    For those born in from over 30-40 years ago, I'm afraid the WTS is winning the battle. However the children of those born from 30-40 years ago, arent so lacking in information resources regarding criticism of the WTS.

  • straightshooter

    In one congregation the elders re-emphasized the need to avoid Facebook because there were provocative pictures of ones wanting to become friends on Facebook. The innocent jw can easily accept such friendships to their downfall.

    Yes as stated by others, the WTS is afraid of any social networking sites. The sex idea is a stupid front to hide the real reason for banning such sites.

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