Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are Discouraged From Using the Internet

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Thanks iknowall558. Just don't get me started on political threads. I lose my likability.

  • flipper

    JEFF- As Steve Hassan mentions in his books, it's all about " information control" for leaders of cults like the GB of the WT society. If they can limit or even eliminate JW members from access to important information they NEED to know which would diss the WT society - then they can keep rank and file members controlled and unaware of the REAL story behind the WT society. So it's about power, control, and keeping the witnesses financial contributions coming in to the leaders that control the WT society

  • AllTimeJeff

    Good point Flipper. For all of the rhetoric about JW's having "the truth", the truth of the matter is that the GB knows very well if a person knew all the history, and all the doctrine, few except fringe people of questionable stability would ever join them.

    They are not only not mainstream, they are weird little liars. And its all documented now. On the internet. Bummer for them.

  • Gerard
    And its all documented now. On the internet. Bummer for them.

    And the kids can acces it now from their cell phones. :fi):ch)

  • WuzLovesDubs

    What happens when you tell a teenager not to do something that is bad for them? They DO IT. So it is absolutely 100% guaranteed that anybody in the free world who has a computer who WANTS to go on the internet and do whatever the hell they want to wherever the hell they want to do it WILL and the Society has ZERO control over that. They can plant all these evil God Is Going To Get You thoughts out there but only a hand full of people, yes who probably DONT own computers to begin with, will listen.

    They told us not to have kids. We had kids. They told us not to go to college. We went to college. They told us not to do a lot of damn things...but we did anyway and its no different now. The desperation they are showing by telling everybody that FACEBOOK = FORNICATION is so funny its painful. They dont know SHIT about FACEBOOK obviously. So now will they equate "JWs going on FACEBOOK as JWS committing FORNICATION and therefore disassociating themselves?"

    It would not surprise me dear readers...if it came down to that.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Internet DF-ing? Bah! What I'm shooting for is being DFd for hugging my wife during a prayer!

  • jam

    THE GB are becoming more paranoid each year. They are loosing control. Thanks to all

    of you. Keep up the good work. I have said this before some day they will encourage all to

    move to up state New York in order to maintain complete control over the ranks.

  • Oceanblue

    What about the "brother's and sister's" who have a facebook account for their businesses? Are they supposed to delete those too? I know that those who do use facebook for business, they don't even have a personal account, or at least I haven't found it yet! What does the GB have to say about that? Do they not want them them to have some kind of way to generate income so that they can send in money for them to live comfortably in Bethel NY?

  • Paulapollos

    Magwitch said

    What is so sad is that so many witnesses believe that turning on the internet is tantamount with porn and masturbation. I have had my old JW parents remark many times "There is nothing good on the internet, it is nothing but Satan's trap". How the hell would they know? They have never had a computer in their whole senile life. However, now they are experts on the subject because they heard it from the platform.

    This made me laugh so much!



  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I imagine when the printing press was invented it sent shockwaves thru the church and those in power becuse now information began to move an uncontrollable pace and those in power lose their grip. same with the internet its pandora's box no stopping it now. nowadays everytime you have a question first thought google it. that will make very difficult to convince newbees with no witness connection to seriously consider wt info.

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