If we evolved why is the brain more than we need?

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  • Chalam

    Nice to see your vid, I watched that whole series years ago, while impressive it doesn't prove that we all use only 10% of our brains.

    Agreed, who knows what the percentage is but it does prove that we are massively underusing our brains . In essence, Daniel only has the same brain as you or I, it is physically no bigger, it is just wired differently.

    Personally, I actually believe Daniel's visions are of the spiritual nature, a similar gifting to John who saw "in the Spirit" Revelation 1:10, Revelation 4:2, Revelation 17:3, Revelation 21:10 and other believers Acts 2:17, Daniel 1:17, Numbers 12:6.

    My wife gets a lot of visions, some which she can explain but others seem to be literally out of this world, she has a hard time describing what she is seeing.

    Whilst I am on the subject, the Lord gave her a vision of inside my head. She said there we a mass of wires all over the place, all different colours and stuff. The the Lord showed her inside her own head. She saw just two wires running straight across from A to B! It doesn't mean my wife is dim, just we are wired differently. As much as I think about things a lot and consider issues from all sides, she often just goes right to the solution, whilst I am still thinking about it.



  • cantleave

    Chalam, visualisation is an ability all can develop with the right training and attutude.

    I think it is an ability we are born with and many of us tend to forget how to use as we get older, due to the conditioning by our culture.

    Children have vivid imaginations and and can visualise in detail a "make believe" scenario whilst playing. I think it is this type of visualisation that enabled humans to develop the use of tools, strategies for hunting and the ability to start communicating. Yes are brains have evolved these abilities, they enabled us to develop new ideas and concepts. Many great innovators and thinkers are on the autistic spectrum or are percieved to be child like in their behaviour (because they haven't stifled their ability to visualise).

    As for spiritual visualistions I think they are caused by the same processes a freeing up of the mind due to a strong belief or desire to get close to a higher being. In the same way our ancesters had a desire to kill the bison and visualised doing this.

  • quietlyleaving

    I find it quite useful to think of the brain as a small part of the body and together interfacing with the environment. This organic approach helps me to understand the limits of a strictly rational view and of a strictly irrational view.

    another useful concept is the idea of folding, unfolding and refolding in life and matter. Such ideas can be used to question paradigms like intelligent design, creation and evolution. These paradigms very often put the brain at the top and seem to go hand in hand with all sorts of top heavy worldviews.

  • bohm

    happyguy: You wouldnt happend to have some references on this stuff would you? Especially the sirius B. i once read an article on a primitive people who knew about a star which was not visible with the human eye - turned out the same people was visited by an astronomer a couple of years earlier who had done observations on exactly that star.... All i am saying is that sometimes there is an easier explanation.

    The brain is not a closed system in the thermodynamical sence, but what i think the poster referred to is that there is a finite number of neurons. Now not much is know about how the brain actually think, but it seems intrencically linked to the layout of the neurons and synapses in the brain: Destroy a bunch of neurons and you are gonna get in troubles.

    I think saying that the brain only runs at a fraction of the speed it can is like saying that humans only use a fraction of their strength. Its correct in a limited sence, you can practice to get more strength, or you can do drugs and get a strength boost. The later will damage you in the long term though, just as drugs that enchance the function of the brain usually have undesireable side-effects.

  • HappyGuy


    Yes, I heard the story about the tribe that knew about the star but the scientific establishment couldn't stand that their ideas about human development might be wrong so they made up the story about the astronomer visiting them earlier. That tribe has cave drawings which are thousands of years old that depict Sirius A and Sirius B in their proper orbits and both are sized proportionately correct.

    "sometimes there is an easier explanation" that is just a copout because you would prefer to believe the church of progress than to accept that the ancients were far more advanced in many areas than we are. I had already considered the "easier explanation" and saw evidence that requires discarding it.

    There are many sources for the Dogon people, do some research.

    Here's another one that the church of progress wont' admit to.

    Maps exist that are older than the beginning of the age of discovery, these maps were drawn from still older maps, which clearly show the land coastline of Antarctica and show mountain ranges and rivers on the continent of Antarctica. NASA verified that the coastline as rendered in the map is correct and that these mountain ranges and rivers do indeed exist after space exploration began. Whoever made this map knew spherical trigonometry (supposedly "invented" in the 18th century), knew that the earth was round, and knew within 50 miles the circumference of the earth. They also had to have used an aerial survey to produce a map of such detail.

    Obviously humans were exploring Antarctica when it was not covered by ice, between 13,000 BC and 4,000 BC.

    There are thousands of "unexplained" facts like this about the ancients (ancient humans). They are only unexplained because the scientific community insists on holding to the ridiculous theory that humans were primitive and gradually progressed over the millenia. The facts prove otherwise but anyone saying that will be hounded by the church of progress (the scientific community).

  • bohm

    HappyGuy: Sounds like i got to do some reading, so i cannot answer untill at least tomorrow... You wont happend to have references to the maps to? I mean somewhere where i can see what they look like, how they are interpreted and how they are dated?

  • HappyGuy


    Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Hapgood

    1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance

    1434 is a very interesting book because it lists numerous maps that showed details of the world taht were supposedly "unknown" at the time the maps were produced.

    Lots of people have tried to debunk Hapgood but the US Navy backs him up.

    There is no doubt as to the authenticity of the Piri Reis map, the date it was drawn, and the identify of the author. Admiral Reis says that he created the map from older sources that he had access to in the library in Constantinople.

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