If we evolved why is the brain more than we need?

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  • BurnTheShips
    If we evolved why is the brain more than we need?

    We need more, I think. There is also redundancy and backup/failover built into many physiological systems. You've got two lungs and two kidneys, for example. The brain is like that too.


  • cyberjesus


    well i had several emergencies and i have not been able to make long math calculations. After watching that video now I have more questions. The guy who got hit on the head suddenly improved the way he used his brain. the same brain he had before. It means the brain does have more capabilities than he was using before but after the hit he was able to use them. WHY? WHY if we have them dont we use them? If demand defines supply? Why dont we know how to use it.? We have a brain that can do many things more than we use.

    Any kid can learn to read and many languages at the age of 2. However we dont use it. Why havent we lost that capability if we dont use it. Evolution develops if we need something but we also loose functions if we dont. It might be a myth that we only use 10% of the brain but its a FACT that we dont use our brain to its fully extent. We seem to have a brain that can do much more things that we use it for. WHY?

    NATHAN: Then if I dont believe it anymore I just suddenly am using the other 90%

    HAPPYGUY: I dont believe in the creation according to the Bible. 2)We forgot how to take advantage of the capacity? when did we actually use it? I dont think we have ever use it. Although we have had it since the beginning of being HomoSapiens. The brain can do much more things that we know, why do we have that function?

    BTS: we can work with one kidney but we have two because it works better. but we actually use both kidneys, its not like we only use one and the other kicks in when the other one fails. We have to legs but we can move with one. we have two hands but we could still do good with one.

    HELP MY BRAIN how do you quote someone using a box to highlight?

  • Terry

    Using the brain to evaluate the brain is like asking a Senator to NOT vote on a payraise!

    Thinking is so many processes simultaneously happening that we ask the wrong question if we require a singularity.

    What ONE cause kills people on the highway?

    You can give an answer with a singularity---but, it is silly and unproductive to do so.

    To think of the brain, life itself or the universe as requiring a SINGULARITY in respect to any aspect is to indulge in snap focus at the expense

    of practical knowlege.

    Meaning what?

    What caused weather?

    What ONE event?

    Weather has no singularity of cause since it is an ongoing process.

    The wrong question just bogs us down in idiot conclusions.

    We start turning vast imponderables into slogans.

    Guns don't kill people; neurons motivated by complex internal processes in the temporal lobe modified by limibic disturbances do!

    Anway, that's my opinion.

  • VoidEater

    As far as we can tell the brain has an infinite capacity.

    I think there is evidence that the ancients had this capability.

    Sauce, again ("source" for you Interwebz newbies). The brain is a closed system and by definition finite. Who are "the ancients" and what suggests these "capabilities."

  • cyberjesus

    CHALAM: Thanks for the video

  • sinis

    Its called Ancient Astronaut Theory. We were seeded, those are your supposed "Gods". Read history...

    Man was designed to self destruct, pass on his DNA while alive, but ultimately to die - just look at the cellular compositions and telomere's...

  • onceawitness

    From what I learned in psych 101, we can be damned glad our brain is only running on 10%--if it ran at 100% it would be like an acid trip from hell... all those neurons firing at the same time would be so overwhelming, we would probably die within minutes... or seconds.

    I've also heard that during situations of extreme excitement or shocking news, more neurons kick in and it tends to burn into our memory details we might not be able to recall later if the situation was not out of the normal. That's one explanation why we all remember where we were when JFK was assinated or when the World Trade Center was attacked.

    But don't quote me on that.


  • HappyGuy


    the brain is not a closed system. The number of connections that can be made within the neural network is infinity.

    The ancients were the ancient humans who built structures which were used for complex cosmology, astronomy, astrology, and other purposes.

    There are structures in the Saharan desert which are models of our galaxy.

    There are cities in the Andes mountains built out of stone that was quarried hundreds of miles away and carried across impassable gorges, ravines, high mountain ranges in order to construct impossible cities. With all of our technology we could not duplicate this feat. How was this accomplished?

    The ancients had expertise in physics, gravity, mathematics, cosmology, astronomy, astrology, and other fields that surpasses ours.

    The Dogon people have a means of perceiving the Dog star (Sirius B). The Dogon live in an area that receives very little rainfall, and the rainfall they get comes at one time for a successive number of days and then it stops for the rest of the year. The Dogon have to plant their crops EXACTLY on the correct day. If they plant too soon the seed is withered by the heat and the sun, if they plant too late the rains come and the crops do not sprout. The Dogon elders go to the side of their holy mountain and stand and look into the sky. They do this day after day. Then they come down from the holy mountain and tell the people to plant the crops. Then, the right number of days later the rains begin. The crops have to be harvested at the correct time also. Wait too long and the crops burn up. Start too early and you don't get a high enough yield. Again, the Dogon elders go to the side of the holy mountain and look into the sky. On a certain day they come down and tell the people to harvest the crops. A reporter accompanied them in order to figure out what they were looking at. They looked at the reporter puzzled and asked "you can't see it?" and laughed among themselves as if the reporter was retarded or something. Later the elders took the reporter into a cave and showed him a drawing of Sirius A and Sirius B in correct proportion with correct orbits. The drawing shows Sirius B as being very dense. Sirius B cannot be seen with the naked eye. The elders explained that when they go to the holy mountain they are looking at Sirius B, and something about it tells them when the rains are to begin and when the harvesting should begin. And for 5,210 years they have been correct. So, how do the Dogon know about Sirius B? How are they able to see it? The Dogon elders also describe Sirius C, a red dwarf star which was only recently 'discovered'.

    There are many, many evidences of capabilities that the ancients had that have since been lost. Open some books and read about them.

  • HappyGuy
    I dont think we have ever use it

    So, the ancients that built the impossible structures that exist in the world used what? Counting on fingers and toes. They knew far more about physics, gravity, astrology, geometry, astronomy, and cosmology than we do.

  • dogisgod

    Oh damn! If I am working at capacity then there is no hope for my brain.

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