If we evolved why is the brain more than we need?

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  • cyberjesus

    I dont believe in creation anymore. According to the evolution theory we adapt based on our needs. But the human brain is far superior than our needs. We dont use not even a 10% of its capability, how does this happened?

  • poopsiecakes
  • bohm

    cyberjesus: The thing is that the brain IS actually working on full capacity, at least as far as we know. The 10% is an invention you often hear, but you never hear how it has been measured or calculated.

  • cofty

    I remember that myth being repeated so many timies at the KH.

    Maps of the brain performing various tasks are amazing to look at. Our brain has many different inter-connected sections each dealing with various activities. Some parts are much more ancient in evolutionary terms than other parts. The ability to function effectively in a large social group is one of our brains biggest tasks.

    The article poopsicakes posted is very good

  • frankiespeakin


    It's good to see you thinking on these things, you have a lot of good questions.

    I remember when I first left the JWs there was a lot of stuff I thought was true because of my steady diet of hand picked information fed to me by my WT masters, and finding out it was all bull shit. Keep asking question and use google a lot to find answers.

  • bulgogiboy

    If the average person were to only use 10% of their brain, what percent would the average jw use? Answers on a postcard...

    Even though I'm a committed agnostic (hehe) I personally think the capacity of the brain is more than can be explained by evolutionary theory at this time. Human brains designed space rockets that sent man to the moon, built telescopes that can see deep into outer space(yes, you can even examine uranus with them too). This kind of intellect goes far beyond the level necessary to feed, clothe, protect and shelter oneself, in my opinion. What's the reason? Perhaps that will be able to be explained one day, as the result of what humankind does best - investigation. Then again, maybe it wont, who knows...

  • Damocles

    We do use all our brain. The 10% refers to active brain cells. The other 90% of cells provide the structural support for the active brain cells. The non-active cells supply nutrition and take away waste products. They also provide the geometric scaffold for the neurons. The argument is like saying we only use 10% of our computer because by weight, the processor is only 10% of the total (probably a lot less). Problem is you can't do much with a chip in your hand without all the support stuff.

    On a related note, Jared Diamond in 'Guns Germs and Steel' argues that modern society is selecting for disease resistance not intelligence. So, he reckons that the average hunter-gatherer is more intelligent than the average modern city dweller since stupid hunters don't last long but stupid bankers get great bonuses (ok I made that last bit up). Something interesting to think about.

  • villabolo

    Maybe it's because we live in a stupid environment (world) where it's not needed too much.


  • freewilly01

    New Science is uncovering some of the reason.... we have a smaller jaw a result of genetic mutations which allowed for smaller jaw muscles and more opportunity ( room ) in our skulls and more blood flow in our skulls to grow larger brains hence more intelligence than other relatives makes sense!


    Everyone gets a Brain..

    Not everyone needs a Brain..

    Some people are more Evolved..

    They need a Brain..

    Less evolved People do`nt need a Brain..

    So they do`nt use the Brain they Have..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

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