1914 can be proved wrong now, using the same logic and reasoning, they missed a KEY POINT!

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  • undercover
    It's just amazing to me how the bible is written. Taking any of these scriptures individually leaves so much possibilities, but understanding all of them combined and connecting the pieces and the puzzle

    It's just amazing to me that people still try to "decipher" hidden chronology in a book that is no more factual than "The DaVinci Code".

  • Jim_TX

    I am not an expert on the numerology bit of this, but... if I recall correctly... and it has been eons ago when I last looked at any JW literature - and much longer since I looked into any of this numerology...

    Didn't the Jewish nation have 360 days per year - and then after 70 years add another year - was it called something like a Jubilee Year? Where they did not plow the fields - property that was sold was returned to its' owner, etc? (Like I said - I don't remember this stuff... so maybe I am just making it up.)

    Soooooooo... if this is true - 70 * 360 = 25200 days + 360 days (Jubilee Year) = 25560 days

    365.25 * 70 = 255567.5 days

    which is fairly accurate... (not sure how to account for the 7.5 days... actually, I did closer math - based upon the year being 365d 5h 49m 12s, and it comes out to just under 7 days).

    Soooo.... after 70 (or 71 Jewish) years, you're only looking at a discrepancy of about 7 days. It _does_ add up over time - and this is why there were several calendar corrections throughout history. I usually got lost - when doing this 'math', around the times when they changed the calendars...

    A good explanation of thiscan be found at...


    I don't think that there is any 'simple math' that any JW will accept to shake their faith. They will put their fingers in their ears and sing, "la la la la la" until you stop talking.

    Regards - and Good Luck,

    Jim TX

  • RubaDub
    For those who can't understand the above, very simplified.....1914 is based off of 7X360=2520years they add to 607BCE. 7 years in the bible, on the 7th year 30 days are added, it's a leap year, so they didn't add the 30 days to the end of it, it should be 6X360+390(leap year)=2550 which would be 1944 using their logic.

    Endof ...

    Thanks for the simplification.

    However, I plugged the numbers into my computer and came up with 1953. I'm not sure why my year differs from yours.

    When I multiplied the missing days plus the leap year times the random number function, I came up with 1953.

    I will try it again.

    Rub a Dub

  • TD
    The 30 days may be added every 6 years, may have messed that part up, but that wouldn't effect this topic or time, because we are dealing with 1 set of 7, not multiple in this instance.

    Isn't that the crux of the problem though? -We're talking about a 2520 year period.

    It could be argued that accuracy is not important, because these are not "Literal years" but that would only raise the question, "Why add an intercalary month at all?" which is basically the position Jehovah's Witnesses have taken. (Actually, they jump from "Prophetic years" to solar years with little to no explanation at all.)

    If you're going to add an intercalary month every 6 or 7 years in the name of accuracy, then the result needs to be a viable calendaring system. --Else there's no point in doing it.

    A 2520 year period in solar years is slightly over 920,411 days. (2520 X 365.2425)

    A 2520 year period of 360 day years where every 7th year is 390 days is 918,000 days. (360 X 2550)

    A 2520 year period of 360 day years where every 6th year is 390 days is 919,800 days (420 X 2190)

    The second proposal is closer, but it still does not coincide with the Earth's orbital period. --Off by nearly two years over the period in question.

  • EndofMysteries

    Responding to everybody.......................first of all, DON'T TRY TO FIGURE OUT A DATE FOR SOMETHING WITH THIS INFO OR SCRIPTURES I LISTED. I believe the scriptures used and such are wrong. This info is helpful when using the correct scriptures and looking for the right thing. What I posted was NOT to identify the date of Christ's return, it was for proving something else......

    Now for JW's, no amount of reasoning on scriptures will work, nor on the date of 1914. They are firm on the scriptures shown to calculate 1914 and on using 607 for the destruction of Jerusalem.

    BUT BUT BUT...........................

    If showing how they compute the year 1914, it's shown that FROM THEIR OWN SCRIPTURES THEY use to prove 1914 and using THEIR date of 607bc, that they FORGOT or DIDN'T know they were short on 30 days from those 2520 days, that throws it off by 30 years.

    Also............those trying to determine how many leap years and days from 607bc, that does not matter, the PROPHESY they use, is based on SEVEN years time. Then they take 1 day as 1 year, so converting the days of 7 years into year. They took 7 years at 360 days a year to equal 2520 days. Then added 2520 days to 607(I think) bc, and get to 1914.

    What my post proves and shows, is that using THEIR OWN LOGIC and scriptures, that 7 years time according to the bible contains an extra 30 days to be added on the 6th or 7th year, which means the total number of days instead of being 2520 would be 2550.

    Also, the REASON why so many changes, yet 1914 is unchanged, is if you read the book of revelation it's grand climax at hand, as well as many other literature, the ENTIRE CORE of all prophesy is based on 1914. They use talks and district conventions as fullfillments of the trumpets of revelation even though out of order, etc. If 1914 is shown wrong, EVEN with their logic and scriptures and date for destruction of Jerusalem, THEN it's exposed the governing body never had it right. They may even know this already, yet know that it may destroy or cause millions to leave.

    Now, as for understanding the true counting of time in bible standards to figure out timelines that may be meant for us to know......before even jumping into that, one must understand the prophecies and scriptures first. Because, many many events are all tied to a one week prophetic timeline. If trying to figure out a date based on 1260 days, 3 and 1/2 years, 42 months, 1290 days, 3 and 1/2 days, and individually when you don't understand that all of those are referring to the exact same thing and time period, being they are all the first or 2nd half of this one week, then your wasting so much time.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    And measuring that pyramid in INCHES?? Did they measure ANYTHING in inches in ancient Egypt? What year would they have come up with if Russell was from England and did it in meters? Or... in HANDS if he happened to own horses?

    God... the stuff we swallowed without ketchup from these idiots.

  • EndofMysteries

    Most JW's don't know about the pyramid thing. BUT 1914 was not selected BY the pyramid, he used the pyramid to CONFIRM it.

    1914 was used, (if you read the old literature, and I forgot where), but 1874 was the predicted date of the end. THEN Russell said that well since it would happen in THAT generation, a biblical generation is 40 years, which is true, so 1874 plus 40 = 1914. Then the pyramid was used because the bible speaks of an altar or two witnesses or something in egypt staying as a witness and so the pyramid then used measurements to 'confirm' or that 'agreed' with bible prophecy and timeline.

    Yea, why inches? I don't think "inches" were used then were they? lol.

  • pixiesticks

    And why the frick would any loving, compassionate God make this most important of prophecies SO complicated to calculate and so hard to understand with so many human lives at stake!? It's ridiculous!

  • EndofMysteries

    Apparently, to 'understand' it is only meant for some, BUT the confusion and such, is all part of a test to man, a way to give perfect justice to all and to get everyone to openly prove who they really are.

    For example.....If you 'think' you can get away with wrong doing, do you happily go out and do it. If you think you have the truth and God's requirements, and some things have a higher priority, do you hypocritically judge everyone on what your not doing, yet you yourself do wrong as well, either in other ways or just by judging your excluded. Things like that, and now whether God will forgive all, some, or what, we'll find out. One thing is for sure, he's definitely looking into the heart from everything I've seen.

  • pixiesticks

    But doing good has very little to do with it. God is going to destroy all those that don't believe in him/accept Jesus' sacrifice. So you could be the most saintly of people, yet you could still be on God's checklist for eternal destruction (and even torment).

    He commands that we obey, believe in and even love him whole-heartedly, yet he leaves no actual hard evidence for his existance. The 'prophecies' that he has supposedly left are so incredibly difficult to calculate that you would have to be a mathematician and historian (having copious knowledge of many different areas of history) to even begin to attempt to understand them. Even then, many of the calculations done by highly educated people are argued over. No one can agree on a meaning or even the method that the meaning can worked out by.

    And if you believe what you just said - that God doesn't want us all to understand so that he can test our true characters' - then why did God even bother to inspire Revelation? What purpose does Revelation and the prophecies contained in it serve? To simply confuse us? Is God playing games?

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