1914 can be proved wrong now, using the same logic and reasoning, they missed a KEY POINT!

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  • TD

    Good observation.

    But doesn't JW literature pretty much ignore the problem of the intercalary months necessary for synchronizing the lunar calendar with the solar year by referring to the 2520 years as "Prophetic years?"


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  • EndofMysteries

    This is a week in bible prophecy. Now if current 365x7=2550, then 360X6+390=2550 It's corrected every 7th year by having a 13th month. The WT did NOT factor in the correction at the 7th year. They (as shown in above article) since the first 3.5 years was at 360 days a year, assumed the 2nd 3.5 years would be the same, but it's not without that correction.

    THere are further corrections too as time gets past that point, but initially it equals out to having done 365x7

  • sir82
    Now if current 365x7=2550, then 360X6+390=2550

    My calculator says 365 X 7 = 2555.

    But then again, it's not a prophetic calculator, so I'm not sure it's reliable....

  • EndofMysteries

    If you look real close, you'll see that the scriptures I quoted, show that the 'prophetic' times and months HAD those extra 30 days. They are ignoring the fact that the PROPHETIC bible contains those extra days. Ez 4:5 (obvious a leap year) and Daniel 12:11 (1290 days INSTEAD of 1260 days, showing that the 2nd 1/2 of the 3.5 years had an extra 30 days for the leap year)

    So this is something that CAN'T be argued with, using their OWN reasoning, the bible proves it wrong still.

  • EndofMysteries

    Sir82, yes typo. It's 5 days short, there are further corrections as time goes on, but that's N/A to this post. This post is just to prove that their reasoning and scriptures have avoided a few key scriptures showing that 30 years are to be added to the end of their 2520 years. (It shows the flaw on how 1914 using their logic still doesn't work)

    I'll do a post another day with more details on the bible calendar.

  • EndofMysteries

    Sorry, 2 posts up, the 2nd half of the SEVEN years. So the first 3.5 years equals 1260 days and the next 3.5 years making it 7 years or 7 times had 1290 days for a total of 2550 days not 2520 days.

  • EndofMysteries

    And again, I'm not saying I agree with the reasoning to hitting the 1914 date, and I'm not saying that 1944 is when the gentile times ended either, just showing 1914 still isn't scriptual no matter how you take it.

  • TD

    Why every seven years though?

    The lunar cycle is actually 29.5 days, not 30. The lunar "Year" is actually 354.25 days, not 360 as the JW's claim. This is an 11 day variance with the solar year's 365.25 days, making the insertion of an intercalary month necessary every 2 or 3 years.

    Around the 4th century, a 19 year cycle was adopted that standardized this. Years 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17 and 19 in this cycle were Shanah Me'uberet ("Pregnant years" of 13 months)

    Or is the seven year pattern just an attempt to sync the JW's fictional "Prophetic Year" with the solar year? -Still seems off by 5 days though



  • wannabe

    Hi All!

    Has anyone ever given any thought, that perhaps it may well be, that the Christ wasn't invisibly present at all in the year 1914? Do they not focus heavily on Matthew 24:7 as to being fulfilled in that year? Do they not tell us that satan was thrown down in that year as well? The War in heaven was fought? Aside from playing with Mathematics as they do to establish their reasoning on 1914, should they not rather focus their full attention on what the Bible is really saying about the coming of Christ? Personally my belief is,they certainly should. Just for a moment, think about Matthew 24:6 which they, for some reason, appear to skirt altogether. I think the reason they do that, if they really focused their full attention on that scripture, and everyone elses, it would blow their reasoning clean out of the water. My belief is that they are well aware of that scripture, and it is purposely ignored, for that reason. "You are going to hear of Wars and rumors of Wars. Do not be terrified, the end is not yet!" I've got a news flash for everyone! Those Wars are still going on, and the end is still not yet. Matthew 24:7 is NOT fulfilled as yet! It is yet future! The devil has NOT been thrown down as yet; that too is yet future! The War in heaven has NOT been fought as yet. When that really does all occur though, My suggestion is, everyone best get ready to buckle up, because all particular Hell is going to break out all over this planet, when it is fulfilled! Ezekiels Prophecy as well will be fulfilled at the same time the devil is really thrown down and the sword of every mans sword will come to be against his own Brother. The Governing Body is out in the middle of the playing field, without a Bat, Ball, or Gloves. Truth be told, they don't even know a Ball-Game is going on, and haven't for 130 years. Woe, Woe, Woe, said the Angel in Johns Revelatiion. He wasn't just whislting dixie! Wannabe

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