1914 can be proved wrong now, using the same logic and reasoning, they missed a KEY POINT!

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  • EndofMysteries

    I'm not saying I even agree with the current reasoning behind the 1914 date, but you can't argue that with JW's, BUT in my latest research and personal study, I ran into the kryptonite for the 1914 date.

    Right out of "bible topics for discussion" is "Chronology" in which it states 1914 ce ends gentile times

    Line of kingom rulers interuppted 607 bce Ac 17:24, 25 7:48

    "Seven Times" to pass until rule restored Da 4:32, 16, 17

    Seven = 2 X 3 1/2 times or 2 X 1260 days Rev 12:6, 14 11:2, 3

    A day for a year Makes 2520 years Eze 4:6 Nu 14:34

    To run until kingdoms establishment Lu 21:24 Da 7:13, 14

    So that is how they get their date, and no arguing on 607 when everyone else says 587. Now what I am going to show, may help with your own studies on other topics as well, hopefully this doesn't backfire on me, and the GB releases this as "new light" to further the date.

    As you see, they are basing 7 times meaning 7 years, and 360X7=2520. WELL.........'new light' atleast for me, that the bible prophetic calendar, had a LEAP YEAR. On the 7th year, you added 30 days. This is in harmony with the bible, as you can see in Ez 4:5, 390 days vs 360, and also in Daniel 12:11 1290 days, vs the 1260 days.

    SO, using their own logic to attain 1914, they are off by 30 years, it should be 1260 + 1290 = 2550 OR 7 times = 7 years = 6x360 + 1x390 = 2550 607BCE = 2550 = 1944 1944 1944

    1944 is the true date according to the 1914 reasoning.

    Again, this post is just to scriptually prove 1914 at the logic used is still wrong. I'm currently figuring out the true meanings behind all these prophecies and how the numbers relate.

  • EndofMysteries

    For those who can't understand the above, very simplified.....1914 is based off of 7X360=2520years they add to 607BCE. 7 years in the bible, on the 7th year 30 days are added, it's a leap year, so they didn't add the 30 days to the end of it, it should be 6X360+390(leap year)=2550 which would be 1944 using their logic.

  • cofty

    I'm fairly sure it was not as simple as adding a leap month every 7. If I remember correctly it was a matter of observation of the timing of the equinox, the decision to add a leap month was done ad hoc to correct as necessary. Sorry I can't remember the details now, maybe google lunar calendar?


    It would seem you do`nt understand..

    How the WBT$ came to the date 1914..

    It was done by taking measurements of an Ancient Egyptian Pyramid..

    Starting there..

    Will help you collect more meaningless Data..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • EndofMysteries

    I know how the date was ORIGINALLY calculated, but you can't talk about that to JW's they will refuse to listen. Also.....It's in the pyramid, but using their 'current' bible proof, I just provided bible proof it's wrong.

    Also cofty, that is NOT the lunar calendar (which only has like 354 or 358 days in a year), that's the bible prophetic calendar. I 'think' prior to Noah's flood it was 360 days then the flood somehow threw off time and had to add leap months/leap years etc.

  • yknot

    Edited to say that EOM answered my question before I hit 'submit'

  • EndofMysteries

    You see in the bible prophetic timing, the extra 30 days for the 2nd of the 7 days or weeks, during the 2nd 1/2 of time. You'll see 1260 days for the time times and 1/2 time or first 3 and 1/2 days, then you'll see 1290 days for the 2nd part of it. It's scattered throughout Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation. Putting them all together to get the correct understanding. (For example revelation says 2 witnesses prophesy 42 months, then are killed and 3 and 1/2 days later raised up) 42 months is 3.5 years and 3.5 days = 7. Or 1260 days of women being fed in wilderness is 3.5 years. It's a case of knowledge of the whole bible and many prophecies to get understanding.

  • LostGeneration

    Here is an article I found the other day about the whole lunar vs solar calculation, I didnt know they tried to explain it before:

    *** w51 6/15 p. 383 Questions From Readers ***

    ? In establishing the length of the seven times of the Gentiles, a time or year of 360 days is used, to give 2,520 days, which become 2,520 years when Ezekiel 4:6 is applied. Yet when we figure from 607 B.C. down to A.D. 1914, the 2,520 years are solar years of 365 1/4 days each, and not lunar years of 360 days each. Is this proper?—N. N., New Zealand.

    The Bible records ignore the solar year of 365 1/4 days as far as measuring natural time and prophetic time. The moon was used for fixing the months, and then the spring growing season for determining the beginning of the year in relation to the moon, making necessary 7 times every 19 years the addition of an intercalary month or Ve-Adar month, a thirteenth month. So since the length of the Jewish year was not stabilized to 365 days plus a leap year of 366 days, prophecy fixed a system of measurement of its time periods at 360 days for a year or time, calculating 30 full days to a month instead of the actual 29 1/2 days to a lunation. Genesis 7:11, 24; 8:3, 4 shows Noah calculated 30 days roughly to a month. Further confirmation of this unit as a prophetic norm of time is given us at Revelation 11:2, 3, where 42 months are run parallel with 1,260 days, making a year of 12 months equal 360 days. Note also that when Revelation 12:6, 14 parallels 3 1/2 years or times with 1,260 days it takes each time or symbolic year as equal to 360 days, and not 365 1/4 days by saying that the 3 1/2 times equal 1,278 and a fraction days. In 3 1/2 years or times there would be at least one and possibly two intercalary months, as explained by The Watchtower, March 15, 1948, pages 91, 92; yet Revelation ignored such intercalary months in giving the days of the 3 1/2 times. So we figure according to God’s Biblical way and are on firm foundation in saying that the symbolic seven times equal 2,520 years. And these 2,520 years should be counted as solar years, because the Jewish lunar years of 360 days, over long periods of time, kept pace with the solar years by means of the intercalary months added at set intervals, thereby always maintaining the necessary harmony between the year’s beginning and the seasons.

    That this method of calculating is correctly used to bring us to A.D. 1914 from 607 B.C. is confirmed for us by the physical facts that have become manifest from that year 1914 on, in fulfillment of Matthew 24 and 25, Mark 13, Luke 21, and other prophecies concerning Christ’s second presence, in the time of the end.

  • sir82
    On the 7th year, you added 30 days.

    Ermm, wouldn't that throw your calendar way off?

  • EndofMysteries

    360 itself is not part of even the Lunar calendar. It's from the bible. Look at the scriptures from the first post I did, which the WT uses to make 1914. They went with the bible calendar, but only partially, not adding the bible calendar 30 days for the 7th year which is used in all instances. God's way of counting time has been forgot. Also....look back at Noah's flood and counting the time. (Haven't had time to recheck it since this, but I "think" prior to the flood it was just 360 days a year, but the flood threw off the tilt of earths axis or something, in which to correct time had to add leap year/months/etc.

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