What should I do?

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  • Seven

    waiting-One of our area's most popular health clubs have "message therapists" that make house calls. Relief is just a phone call away-hot oil, soft music, ahhh, I know I put that business card somewhere.

    SC-You Da Man!!!

    Frenchy-I quote:I have never refused a woman a message. You must have quite the reputation if they are seeking you out.


  • Frenchy

    Seven said:

    Frenchy-I quote:I have never refused a woman a message. You must have quite the reputation if they are seeking you out.

    Well, that's my problem, Seven, I keep offering them and no one comes! What gives?

    Waiting: "Come on.......is this guy great or what?
    Chivalry is not dead. The French Knight will be glad to know this!

    -Say what you mean, mean what you say-

  • Scorpion

    All of you make me smile :-)

    I think I will get a massage myself, where's my wife?

    Waiting, you called me a Dork, have you been talking to my wife? ;-)

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry


    Have you considered another possibility? Does being a JW make you truly happy and give you inner peace? Perhaps this would be a good time in your life to reevaluate your personal ?map?, as it were. Is the ?map? you?ve been following, taking you to where you want to go?

    Scorpion, you don?t need the Watchtower Society to have a good working relationship with God. People have been experiencing God in their lives for centuries, long before the Watchtower was ever thought of! Dare yourself to think outside of your current paradigm. God will never leave you because YOU leave the Watchtower Society. That?s a lie perpetrated by those in power over you. Countless people have left the Watchtower Society and gone to enjoy rich fulfilled spiritual lives, and without all the guilt and pressures and nonsensical rules placed on them by the Watchtower Society. It?s a man made, man run and man orchestrated religious institution. That?s all it is.

    Let me ask you this question Scorpion. You say your children are little. Would you deny them, a life saving blood transfusion if the need presented itself, or would you allow them to die? If you would allow them to die, then you?re not a good parent. And if you would allow them the blood transfusion, then you?re not a good JW. Which is it my friend?

    Steve lowry

  • Brenda

    Goodmorning brother,

    I am brand new to this website. I wanted to respond from a sisters point of view and scriptural view.You are commanded to provide for your family and you are doing a great job Jehovah tells us thru his word the bible to do the best we can for our own personal circumstances your family needs you and your children need your spiritual guidance as much as the people in your territory if you burn out wich you are your circumstances have changed and you need the rest and to be the best father and husband and provider and spiritual head you can be to them, and fit you service time around your circumstances. Just my thoughts.:)


    your sister Brenda

  • jgnat

    Welcome to the board, Brenda. You must have lungs of steel.

  • Special K
    Special K

    Welcome to the forum Brenda

    Look forward to your posts..


    Special K

  • jgnat

    The lungs of steel, reference, by the way, is referring to your most amazing run-on sentence. I was out of breath by the time I got to the end of it! ...and again, welcome Brenda. By the way, what attracted you to this site?

  • Coqueton

    Glad you did what was best for your situation. Many sisters have health problems. Put your family and their happiness first, just do what is good in God's eyes. It won't do you any good to Pioneer, be poor and have your wife go off the deep end. Live life, serve God and be happy.... isn't that the way it should be? Sounds like you are doing great. Best Wishes

  • jaguarbass

    Why do you pioneer? If you take advice from these brothers and sisters I have a bridge in Florida I'd like to sell you. With your two jobs I'm sure we could make a payment arrangement.

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