What should I do?

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  • CatOnARoof

    Like Homer Simpson would say "what would Jebus do?" But seriously what would he do? Would he feed his family first or care what the elders say? I hope you find a way to solve your problem. I'm not a JW. Organised religion is not for me, so I cant give you any "practical" advice. I dont know the rules- Sorry...

  • snare&racket

    How many of the people that 'encouraged' you to carry on pioneer themselves?

    How many elders live in tents in order to live a simple life and go preach all day every day? If hey believed the end was really coming they would!

    One of the best things about leaving is not caring what others think. Let them do, judge and preach as often as they wish. You do likewise my friend.

    Providing for your children, giving them a safe secure home and a good education is the first responsibility of a Dad. Be a good Dad, you can still do your weekend 2 hours of ministry and remain a good christian, if you decide to remain in the belief system.

    There is a great phone conversation on youtube between a Gov body member and someone that was leaving. They asked why some members of the governing body dont go on the ministry at all... the gov bod member replied by saying we all had different responsibilities. Right now yours is to be a good dad.

    Finally I would like to show you something from a newspaper article, it concerns Bethels relocation to Warwick. Not sure i you know but the HQ is moving from Brookly to Warwick. The town of Warwick have said it is conditional that they do not preach in the new town. Not only have the society agreed to that, the news article includes proof that they have stook to this agreement in NY : "Griffin, the Patterson town supervisor, also asked the order to not canvass in town and, he said, the Witnesses have complied with that request 100 percent."

    Before you sacrifice your life, and your childrens future for the Watchtower book company, think long and hard my friend.

    Snare x

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