May I have your attention please?

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  • Pathofthorns

    There obviously is a need for some sort of forum where serious JW issues can be discussed and debated, where 'breaking news' can be announced and debated and where active and inactive or ex JWs can discuss topics related to the movement.

    The 'fluff' posts are fine as they reflect the diversity in the exJW culture, as well as the desire and intent of most people to move beyond JW issues.

    Unfortunately the combining of these two elements in the manner that presently exists has become frustrating and confusing and sometimes almost insulting to those who post something serious amid the 'fluff'.

    I think if careful decisions are not made soon, this board will be reduced to the exJW equivelent of Witnesses Online, or the unfortunate sister-board to a more intellectually challenging and serious discussion board that will materialize out of necessity.

    Path (my 2cents.. take it or leave it)

  • LB

    Path consider these boards already in place....

    Bible Research
    Scandal & Cover-ups
    Beliefs, Doctrine & Practices
    Study Articles
    JW News and Events
    Blood & Medical Treatment

    I should think our serious minded posters could have a field day there. Why not let the main board be for general discussion?

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • tyydyy

    Let's keep in mind why these "intellectuals" are leaving.


    They know they wouldn't get fluff on their serious threads if they put them in the proper catagories but then they wouldn't get viewed by every single person here. By-Passing fluff threads is very easy. Just don't click on them. If it happens on a serious thread, just ignore it.
    THEY JUST WANT MORE ATTENTION. I have watched these guys get so much appreciation and thanks that I wonder who could ask for more? But they aren't happy with someone telling them "I owe my life to you". No. They want EVERYONE to say "I owe my life to you". It ain't gonna happen. In fact, there will always be a few who say "I think you are an asshole". If they can't deal with it, then I say good riddance. I think the community feel here is more important than pandering to a few people who complain about the lack of intellectual posts. There is plenty of information out there for someone to make a decision to leave the Borg. What these people really need is a community to belong to after leaving all their family and friends behind.
    My 2 cents.


  • bigboi

    I think Expaabrit hit the nail on the head. Such forums for serious issues already exist. The platform already exists here for ppl who want to promote whatever agenda they want. However none of those forums ets the traffic that the Main gets. It lways has been the most popular Forum on this DB. That's where anyone who wants to posts something that gets noticed will post. All the 'intellectuals' who've left here are leaving becasue they feel they aren' getting the type or number of responses they feel is worth the work they've put into their posts. I will never understand that line of reasoning, but to each his own.

    Simon, imo, your board works fine. It's an excellent way to present info. Just because a few high-profile ex-dubs are being overly sensitive and aren't getting their egos stroked in a manner that fits them is no need to change what is a wonderful environment for ppl to interact.



  • Pathofthorns

    That is a good point.

    At the same time, the tendancy appears to post the majority of any post in the MAIN section for a higher degree of visibility.

    I guess what it amounts to is that the culture of the board has changed and evolved into a social club of sorts, and that is fine.

    What appears to be needed is a more clear division between the social side of the board and side of the board that more specifically relates to JW issues.

    Path (I don't make any sense to myself anymore either.. LOL)

  • Simon

    One of the perenial problems is posts not going in the proper subject area.

    The problem is a bit "chicken and egg" though:

    People post in the main area because they want everyone to see it.

    People only visit the main area because that's where people post to.

    I think the answer is to get rid of the all encompassing 'main' area and force posts to be made into the proper areas (with maybe a couple of new ones created).

    A filtered 'active' view which would enable people to exclude what they weren't interested in would then work as they would not have to read everything from non-relevant areas.

    The deep thinkers could be ignored by those not interested in that sort of stuff and likewise they could ignore the fluff. Everyone else could still see everything as we have always done!

    Perhaps I could grant some ... (ha, nearly said the 'M' word) Assistants who could take on the responsibility of making sure the topics in each subject area were relevant. They would not edit or delete things but if something was posted in the wrong place they could move it to somewhere else.

    Any thoughts?

  • Pathofthorns

    The changes you suggest sound worth trying.

    'Assistants' are irritating though. Maybe see how it goes without them first.


  • bigboi
    Perhaps I could grant some ... (ha, nearly said the 'M' word) Assistants who could take on the responsibility of making sure the topics in each subject area were relevant. They would not edit or delete things but if something was posted in the wrong place they could move it to somewhere else.

    Any thoughts?

    I agree with this Simon. I was thinking of something along those lines myself. That would be a great role for your assistants. I think that is all your site needs. I have to admit that I'm a bit apprehensive that the role of these assistants would grow into full-fledged M's. However, if someone were on hand to move posts into their appropiate forum with no other changes. I think that would be helpful. Please, don't take away the main forum though!



  • Tatiana2

    Simon, first of all I'm really glad to be back. Just wish I could get my old account to work!

    Anyway, I agree that there are forums for each subject and we should start posting specific topics more or less where they belong. I also agree with Tim. Certain people need lots of attention. As for me, I love the board just like it is. I read and write serious posts and fluff, and sometimes in the middle of a looooonng, serious, mind-numbing thread, some wonderful, dear person will post something so "fluffy", so funny, and so downright intelligent, it changes your perspective and makes you think of things in a new way.

    Or someone will post something that makes you not take yourself so damn seriously. I say leave it like it is....or in those famous words of the 80's...if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


  • Simon

    The way I would see it working is:

    Poster A is very keen on bible research and wants the bible research area kept free of non related posts. If anyone made a post that wasn't appropriate in this area then all that Poster A would be able to do would move it somewhere else (where they thought it should go).

    Other posters in other areas could do the same thing and help keep their areas 'on topic'.

    If anyone was not the slightest bit interested in bible research then they could have that filtered out of their active view and likewise, if that was all that some people were interested in they could filter everything else out (or just view that subject).

    I think this would work without getting into the thorny issue of moderation.

    Problem posts could be moved to a special area for attention by the sysadmin.

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