May I have your attention please?

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  • AlanF

    Hey Lilacs! I did not have you or most women on this board in mind. A good example of someone with excellent thinking ability is Ginny Tosken, from whom a few of the men here could learn a thing or two. I won't say any more.


  • WildHorses

    Alan, I was teasing you.

    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.
  • AlanF

    Duh. Stupid me.

    Hey, I forgot to get your phone number the other night. Any chance we could yak a bit more?


  • bigboi
    Bigboi...yes you could look through my posts like that but 75% or more are fluff themselves dude!

    It's nice to know you're bi-postal.

    Besides this, just knowing who a poster is doesn't mean much. A newbie wouldn't have a clue as to who posts deeper material and what is valuable that is already in the archives.
    Does a nebie really care. I mean before ppl start posting, I reckon they have previous ly lurked here for a period of time or were invited to post here. So, it seems that they already know a great deal of what goes on here before their first post. Does that sound plausible?

    You can use the stat section to try to find popular posts but you will discover that a lot of these are simply flame wars.
    Aiight, so everyone who comes here initially goes to the Stat menu to deduce what the board is about by reading huge posts that are months old? C'mon Skipper! Get real!

    Thus, do you see the problem?
    NO. For the life of me, I don't.

    It is not a huge problem, but it is there simply because there are so many types of posts.
    You're right, it ain't even a little problem, I wouldn't call it a problem at all. At least not a problem with the board. There a lot of different posts. But as has been alluded to before, there are many forums here to support many different kinds of posts. Therefore I still don't get exactly what the problem it is YOU have with this board as it is.



    "it's like the one thing we all have in common is that we
    got played by a cult and a bunch of old men and no matter what it will
    always be a part of us no matter how much we distance ourselves from it"
    ~ Ghostquote

  • GoldDustWoman

    Hello all,

    There is just going to be no way everyone on this forum is going to be completely satisfied. I vote with keeping things the way they are . I do think that the various catagories should be used more.

    I do not think there is nearly as much "fluff" as people like to believe. I would support my opinion by going back and actually counting the various posts, but I'm lazy today, and I don't wanna.So, my lovies, actually go back and compare for yourselves the number of "fluff" posts to those that are "serious". Go back at least a few days, I think you will be suprised by the serious to fluff ratio. Serious stuff is not nearly as outnumbered as one would like to think.

    Now, if I ruled the world, here would be two things I would order invented:

    1. Because so many of us read the more hard-hitting posts
    but don't have a comment, or opinion, to offer, there
    could a wave button invented called "applause". A poster
    just click that button, and when that thread would open,
    clapping could be heard. With each subsequent click, the
    applause would just come louder and louder. It could even
    be taken a step further by maybe adding a "here, here"!
    That way, the maker of the thread, be it humorous or
    serious, would know that his or her efforts are

    2. Now this suggestion would probably only be useful for
    Simon. Being the patient, and compassionate, man that he
    is, I'm sure he would only use it with complete
    discretion. That would be to somehow be to break in
    to either a posting troll, or someone that any reasonable
    person would consider to be an obnoxious jerks computer,
    and clock them dead in the face with a boxing glove
    attached to a spring. "Boom"! knock them out cold when
    it pops out the offenders computer screen. Just like
    when we, ok, when "I" used to watch those
    wonderfully funny Warner Bros. cartoons.

    So, there is my .02 on how to make this board a more happy and fulfilling experience for us all.



  • Simon

    ha ha, I wish I could do things like that ...

    I've got a few things planned for the next version that may be appropriate to release here:

    Instead of the current rating system I'm planning a much simpler / quicker method which will be to either "award a certificate" (with a cute little certificate icon) or "throw a tomato" (with ... oh, you know) for a post.

    It will be a way of indicating whether you like or dislike a poster / post / topic with a single click.

    Of coure, I may limit the number of tomato's that you have to throw each month

    What'cha think?

  • teejay

    Hello, lilacs,

    I see from your profile that you have been here about as long as I have, which is to say not very long but long enough to have seen this exact same discussion break out at least a dozen times. Regrettably, it's one that will surely break out again. The answer to the "problem" is and always will be the same.

    [c]Self control[/c]

    Notice... not a control over someone else's property or freedom but control of SELF, for this *is* someone else's property and it is enjoyed by others who have freedom, much of it newly found. I will never understand why people who don't like so-called "flame wars" will invariably click on them only to call for their removal. The same with fluff.

    The answer is simple and I mean the following not for you alone for every poster here. If you don't like the thread, get control of your clammy little hand (or get someone to do it for you), move the mouse's pointer to the little box up in the upper right-hand corner and click. Or, as an alternative, use the "Back" button. However you do it, leave the page/site and go somewhere else where you will find something to your liking, and leave those who are enjoying themselves alone. Then, having discovered what that particularly vile page/site was all about, again get control of your clammy little hand (or get someone to do it for you) and NOT click on the page/site ever again. If you do otherwise, you are being nothing less than a hyporcrite, and that is not a word I generally use.

    I'm thankful that I came to this discussion late, for if it were otherwise I would surely now be regretting what I had said had I been one of the first ones here. I will leave you to reconsider what two posters said on page one. I did not read beyond what LB said.

    Expatbrit said:
    If the posters of those types of threads put them in the appropriate forums to start with, they'll probably avoid most of the fluff from fluffy posters who don't go there.

    LB, offering support for Expat's grasp of what should be obvious to all:
    Bible Research
    Scandal & Cover-ups
    Beliefs, Doctrine & Practices
    Study Articles
    JW News and Events
    Blood & Medical Treatment

    I should think our serious minded posters could have a field day there. Why not let the main board be for general discussion?

    Thanks, fellas. I bow to your common sense and may others do the same.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I havent read the posts in this thread, too long.
    However here is my opinion.
    There is NOT too much fluff on the board.If people wanna post fluff, let them.
    The problem is this.
    Serious threads that rapidly DETERIORATE into fluff.
    The threads need to be seperated.
    Fluff room, in which you can post anything.
    Serious room in which thou mayest not post fluff.This room is for subjects of a serious bent.

    Simon. The tomato idea sucks.

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