Charles Taze Russell: His Life and Times: The Man, the Millennium and the Message

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  • RR

    I'm only on chapter 5, haven't gotten to the Watch Tower years yet.

    But I suspect, persons like you only want the scandals.

  • Farkel


    :But I suspect, persons like you only want the scandals.

    I personally want all the information that defines the man, not just some of it, and if there are scandals, well, that also defines the man, too. Doesn't it?


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    RR, with all respect, what I want, and what I think Doug wants is historically accurate TRUTH without the little "tm" next to it, un-whitewashed by adoring fans and acolytes.

    For years the WTB&TS has not told the truth about where Pastor Russell's toga-clad body was removed from the train, nor have they disclosed the contents of the official death certificate for CTR, while some high ranking Bible Students claim to have either copies of the certificate or the actual certificate itself. What would motivate someone to maintain the gilded image of someone who, regardless of how great he might be, was still only a man? As Sadlack said, "you made your consecration to the Lord, not to any man."

  • diamondiiz

    Speaking of Russell does anyone here have transcripts of Russell's divorce hearings? I'm still looking for these, and I was told by one the courts that these transcripts went missing while back but I hear that some people still have these.

    Lade Lee: Would you happen to have any of those souvenir reports scanned by any chance? TIA

  • Farkel

    :Speaking of Russell does anyone here have transcripts of Russell's divorce hearings?

    I believe Barbara Anderson has them. Check out her website. She knows more about Maria Russell than any living human being.


  • reslight2

    blondie said:

    I personally see nothing at wrong about Brother Cole's discussion of his own colporteur work, nor his suggestions for others. There were many different Christian publishing houses that used the Colporteur method of distributing literature.

    I do see many things wrong with the statements in red that misrepresent what Brother Cole said. For instance:

    A certain set of rules or principles are always carried out in every sale of books, whether we realize it at the time or not. My thought in presenting the work is to bring up thoughts in their minds and I usually do it by suggesting two questions, arousing their curiosity, but leaving the questions unanswered. I suggest the question as to why God permits evil, after explaining it some, and say, you know this is a large subject and you would not expect me to tell all about it, and I would only make a botch of it in comparison with this book. The thought is to magnify the question, as Jesus magnified the law. Everyone knows that evil is in the world. Build on that thought as much as possible. God has power to prevent such things and why is it that he does not? Make that point just as clear and strong as possible. The other question is in regard to God’s provision for the heathen.

    Well nothing like calling your "audience" a heathen. So even at this time, way before Rutherford showed up, there is a clear "us vs. them" thinking

    Brother Cole said nothing about at about calling his audience "heathen." Nor was he giving "us vs. them" thoughts.

    The response in red simply shows ignorance of God's provision for the heathen, that which Brother Cole was actually talking about, and turns what he said around to make appear to mean something than Brother Cole actually meant. Any Bible Student who is familiar with the Studies in the Scriptures would know instantly what Brother Cole meant when he said: "The other question is in regard to God's provision for the heathen"; Brother Cole was talking about the foretold blessings of all the heathen through the seed of Abraham that is shown from the Scriptures in the Studies series:
    and other studies.

    The suggestions of Brother Cole are not that much different from colporteur suggestions provided by other Christian publishing houses. Years ago I signed up as colporteur for one of the traditional Christian publishing houses (I think is was one of the publishing houses that had the name Moody in it, but I cannot remember for sure) as they had a few books that I wanted to add to the books I was offering door to door. It appears that most the publishing houses that used to offer a colporteur arrangement no longer do so. Anyway, I do remember I got a set of instructions in a booklet or some kind of pamphlet telling of how to go about selling the books in homes, etc., although I do not remember now exactly what those instructions were. I can remember I distributed some publications printed by Zondervan, but I am almost certain that this was not the company I signed up with.

    Regarding colporteur work others than the Watch Tower, one might click here.

    Nevertheless, neither Brother Cole nor Brother Russell were laying down "rules" to be followed; Brother Russell spoke of his suggestions as "advice." Nor was Brother Russell's spur of the moment response in which he made allowance for not revealing that the Studies in the Scriptures are the "Millennial Dawn" (due to prejudice against the "Millennial Dawn") the same as saying that it was okay for colporteurs to lie.

    I have saved the whole page, and may, Yahweh willing, return to it later (if not here, possibly on the Restoration Light website), to address all the points brought up.

  • reslight2

    diamondiiz said:

    Lade Lee: Would you happen to have any of those souvenir reports scanned by any chance? TIA

    You may find the text of the reports at:

    Scroll down until you see "Convention Reports".

  • thetrueone

    Charles Taze Russell was a self anointed messenger of imaginative nonsense who in a endeavor to support his publishing company ,

    exploited the belief in the bible, as well as the people that believed in his words.

    The fact is if the money and the printing presses were not intact and available for use by the people that followed him, the Jehovah's Witnesses

    would not be here to this day. In the exact way the WTS. today exploits just as well as he did one hundred years ago.

  • palmtree67

    Geez, Blondie.

    Your ass must be huge. I don't know how you keep pulling these things out of it.

    Nicely done.

    ( Lovingly said : ) )

  • agonus

    Regardless of your opinion of CTR, I still cannot fathom why the WT of today claims it has anything to do with him. So far as I can tell, the only teachings of CTR that are still valid are:

    1) No Trinity, and

    2) No Hell.

    Literally EVERYTHING else has changed! Hasn't it?

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