Charles Taze Russell: His Life and Times: The Man, the Millennium and the Message

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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Barbara Anderson wrote an interesting article about CTR and how he wrote out of the Society's history the first president of the WTS, William H Conley. He was first President in 1881; Joseph Russell was VP and CTR was Sec/Tres. CTR re-registered the org in 1884 with himself as President and never even mentioned Conley's death in the WT.

    This all came to light in the late 1980's when she was researching for the 'Proclaimers' book. Conley gets just a one line mention in that book and I have never seen him mentioned elsewhere in the Society's literature.

  • pirata

    Has anyone read this book to completion? RR doesn't come around here anymore so would be interested in other's thoughts.

  • fadinfast

    I saw a doco the other day which got me thinking about something I read re. Russell. It made the point that many well off men in London and New York shipped their pregnant mistresses over here ,to Aus to avoid the scandle. I remember reading that Russell's bedroom girl [whose name I cant locate at present] came over just after the trail, I've noticed some on board are into genealogy and if any research has been done in that direction

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Fadinfast, she had a name every "bedroom girl" would envy: Rose Ball.

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