Charles Taze Russell: His Life and Times: The Man, the Millennium and the Message

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  • Farkel


    :1) No Trinity, and

    :2) No Hell.

    You forgot "soul sleep", but yes, that is it. All irrelevant things to living humans, all meaningless things to help us on our way to whatever. NOTHING which makes us better people and NOTHING which is "spiritual" by any definition. Just dogma. Meaningless dogma.


  • RR


    RR, with all respect, what I want, and what I think Doug wants is historically accurate TRUTH without the little "tm" next to it, un-whitewashed by adoring fans and acolytes.
    For years the WTB&TS has not told the truth about where Pastor Russell's toga-clad body was removed from the train, nor have they disclosed the contents of the official death certificate for CTR, while some high ranking Bible Students claim to have either copies of the certificate or the actual certificate itself. What would motivate someone to maintain the gilded image of someone who, regardless of how great he might be, was still only a man? As Sadlack said, "you made your consecration to the Lord, not to any man."

    I agree wholeheartedly Nat, I don't know the answer to that, neither do any of the Bible Students I know. We have search to high heaven. Russell's eath certificate and autopsy reports are gone, they don't exist.

    One european Bible Student I know of, told me in a letter that he believes Russell was slowly poisoned over the years. I think I remember reading that when russell was buried, the grave was twice as deep and instead of dirt, cement was poured. Someone didn't want his body touched. It's a mystery my friend, one we may never ksolve in the flesh.


  • minimus

    The mystery is obvious. This is what makes Charles Taze Russell such a CULT hero!

  • snowbird

    Does it mention that A. H. MacMillian is supposed to have telegraphed Rutherford in California with the news that "the old man is dead," and Rutherford is supposed to have telegraphed back, "Hold everything until I get there"?

    If factual, that sounds kind of ominous to me, especially in view of the fact that Russell is supposed to have dismissed Rutherford from Bethel.


  • RR

    Like I said, I haven't read the whole book yet, I'm only a few chapters in the book. The book ends with Russell's death, none of the fanfare of what happened AFTER his death with Rutherford and the splits.

    I did find some errors, errors that could have been avoided if they had let me read the book before it went to the publishers. I remember asking, and I was told they had plenty of people looking at it for accuracy, well apparently not enough, when they repeatedly refer to Paton as George and not John and when they say the Photodrama is 3 parts and 5 hours, instead of 4 parts and 8 hours. Other than that, I like what I'm reading .... so far ....

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    GEORGE Paton! HAR HAR HAR! What a silly mistake!

    Knowing you as I do, RR, it boggles my mind that the author turned down an opportunity to have his work checked for accuracy by you. Even if he, unaware of your personal integrity, was concerned about plagarism, a simple notarized non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement could have reassured him.

    I have to conclude that he was either too cheap to send you a pre-press copy or too proud to admit that he could benefit from fact-checking.

    His loss. His target audience will know about some of the deficiencies of the book without ever buying a copy.

  • RR

    Actually Nat, it wasn't the author, but one of the BIble Students to whom the manuscript was entrusted, I sat with him a few years ago, when he told me the book was ready and looking for a publisher, I asked if I could look it over for accuracy, but he declined, I guess he may have felt he knew Bible Student history better than I did, I don't know.

    I did e-mail him, just to rub it in

  • pirata

    RR, I would love to hear your thoughts on the rest of the book if you've finished it.

  • Terry

    RR, tell me the inception of your personal interest in C.T.Russell and how acquired your expertise.

    I spent some time with some local Bible Students who were the most modest, unassuming, laid-back yet industrious True Believers I've had the pleasure to meet. I'd have loved to join them just for the fellowship were it not for the silly chart and invisible coming nonsense.

    The were the picture-perfect definition of a true remnant!

  • minimus

    the chart is important

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