If the Watchtower truly collapsed, how would you deal with your JW relatives?

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  • VIII

    I agree with Mary and Oppostate.

    Many who are in simply will not believe that the FDS wasn't being persucuted. They would call and look to the local Elders for direction and would, no doubt, get it. At least from the Elders with nothing better to do than lead some faithful Sheep around. Oh, and those donations that should go to Brooklyn will come in real handy paying the Elders mortgage.

    No matter how you tried, you will not convince them that the Watchtower Corporation breaking up was not real, true, etc. They will see Satan's hand behind it and be more convinced than ever that it is a sign of the times and a sign of the Last Days. This will only push them to the realization that we are in the Great Tribulation.

    I simply don't see some not getting together and continuing to call themselves JWs and creating a new religious organization.

  • Goshawk

    I would let them know I was there for them as they worked their way through the broken dreams and realization that they were not going

    to see the people resurrected in paradise as they had planned.

  • Sapphy

    With tears and hugs.

    But I suspect they would view it as "judgement starting with the house of God" scenario. I can imagine a group reforming and publishing Isaiah Part III - "Restoration Soon".

  • God_Delusion

    Oh, I can feel a big "I told you so" building up from within my depths....

  • Marni Mai
    Marni Mai

    I'll join the "I TOLD YOU SO, YOU MORONS" group, along with a loud "You should have known as demonstrated throughout my life that I only ever commit to something wholeheartedly when I am a million per cent sure I am right and can prove it with hard undisputable evidence, you morons".


    But yes, I can actually see the die-hard ones forming their own little 'persecuted group of true witnesses' and waiting with psychotically gleaming eyes for the end which of course would be SOOOOO much more imminent (this group would include my parents and possibly all my siblings, unfortunately).

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    The Watchtower Society implodes from within even making final printed admissions that it is voluntarily dismantling it's mission and legally dissolving the corporations.

    They would NEVER admit anything, just more of the same: lie, lie, lie.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Cry with them.


    Get a shovel..

    Dig em up..


    Tell them,they were Idiots!

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • GromitSK

    I don't think religions often simply disappear do they? It may crumble and lose support but I suspect it will do what it is doing now - metamorphose into something more palatable. The past will be forgotten or rationalised away by existing members and new ones will not be aware of it and may not do the necessary research. I suspect it will become less severe, in time, to make it easier for members to stay and will appear more mainstream. I do not think dreams of complete destruction will be realised. There are many other religions out there which have caused harm to their own members and others over many centuries, some of them going strong. Most of them have moderated and adapted to the times although it has sometimes been a slow process. Offering spiritual certainty is a powerful message to many people and probably always will be.

    I suspect that the work required to actually make an informed decision is unpalatable to many, particularly to those brought up in a religious atmosphere. I suspect there will be an endless (though diminishing) supply of new grist for the WTS mill for a good many decades.

  • flipper

    Great thread. I would show all of my family and some friends I used to be close to compassion and try to help them see how to move on in interesting endeavors in their new lives - post Jehovah's Witnesses. But I fear some of my older family members will be dead and in their graves when the WT society FINALLY collapses

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