If the Watchtower truly collapsed, how would you deal with your JW relatives?

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  • GLTirebiter
    I would be loving and kind and welcome them to MY world. Let them see by my reaction that they were lied to all along.

    @carpediem: I'm with you on that! I do fear a collapse of the central power structure would lead to new groups with similar tactics. I recall reading about splinter groups (Millenial Dawn, etc.) forming when JF Rutherford siezed control of the organization. Give the survivors something sane to cling to, an alternative to the next smooth-talker looking for new followers.


  • Scully

    It would depend on how they treat me. I have no desire to cast my pearls before swine. If they come to me, contrite and devastated over how they have shunned me and my family, and acknowledge the harm they caused, I will try to work things out with them.

    I don't know that the damage can ever be undone. How are you supposed to behave when people who regarded you "as dead to them" suddenly decide that you're "undead"? After all this time, I've moved on. I don't even know if I could give them a place in my life as "family" anymore.

  • dissed

    I could see them going the way of the Russelites. Die hards form their own group but fade away, since no one will preach any more.

  • Simon

    I think they'd need help and advice like anyone else leaving - the problem would be that while many leave after realizing (usually over years) that things aren't quite right these people would have a very sudden shock to come to terms with.

  • nicolaou
    Was wondering how newer members of the forum might respond to this . . .
  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    Only my mom and sister are JW now. Neither of the two are active. My mom holds on to the belief because it gives her hope. She loss her father last year and my grandmother is 85. If the religion was to collapse I think she would be depressed, but then maybe we can have a Christmas again. The last Christmas we did as a family was 1982.
  • Vidiot
    I'd pretty much write off the loyalists (I've kind of already done that, anyway), and help out the normies with moral support if they needed it.
  • fiddler

    I would embrace any of my family or friends that sought me out. I would hold them while they cried and I would assure them that there is a whole universe out there and lots of places to go....baby steps at a time but as many here know, those baby steps often take off running pretty quickly when the scales fall off the eyes. As for the older ones with few years left that would be harder. While I don't believe in a god in the manner that they do, I wouldn't push my views. My spirituality is my own personal thing as it should be (IMO). For the older ones I think I'd just say that God is about love and no loving God would abandon them because of an organization gone bad. If they just continued on with the most important 'commandment' to love and also 'be modest in walking with their God' then that is their most important obligation in this life.

    Something like that.....

  • millie210

    What a great thing that would be!

    I would be so happy to have my family back. I think with patience the bad effects of JW ism would wear off, kind of like anesthesia.

  • Miss Behaving
    Miss Behaving

    I'd welcome them. Even though they weren't the nicest of folks when I left, I would love to have a family again.

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