If the Watchtower truly collapsed, how would you deal with your JW relatives?

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  • yknot

    I think I would probably learn about my state's temporary psych evalutation.......... suicide amongst the flock would rise sharply.

    Tempered compassion would be next..........they will still go through the same grieving process many have experienced and chronicled on JWN.

    In the end I would be too pleased to hold any grudges..........because the WT finally 'Let my people go'

  • aniron

    Many will left with nothing to do. To a lot of them it was the social side, the meetings, assemblies, conventions, field service.

    It gave many something to do with their lives, it gave them order.

    Then there will be those who will realise that those of us, us appostates, on forums like this were right all along.

    That for many would be the hardest thing to bear.

    Imagine all those you have shunned for years turn out to be right.

  • zoiks

    With all of the love and acceptance that everybody needs.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Your best case scenario isn't quite the best case.

    A news release that the GB and lawyers took the money and ran would be better. In my dreams, that would be followed by a letter to the congs. that basically says "It is not 'the truth' and you should all go home never to return to the Kingdom Hall." I would volunteer for the suicide watches for the members.

    I would be there for any members that needed help adjusting to reality, even the C.O. I cannot stand.

  • goldensky

    Amen to Carpediem and Zoiks.

  • Mary

    No matter how the WT collapsed, you'd still have the fanatical Dubs would would refuse to believe it. They would believe that it was Satan behind it all and that our survival would still depend upon "being loyal to Jehovah's Organization." While I'm sure alot would have their eyes opened, there are numerous Witnesses who simply could not cope without having someone else tell them what to do, how to live their lives, etc. etc. It wouldn't take long before the local elders would "take charge" by asserting their authority over what's left of the R&F and the whole process would begin again.

  • ThomasCovenant

    Apart from what I call 'old timers' who came in of their own volition in the 50's, 60's and 70's I don't think it would be that much of a big deal to most Witnesses. They would quickly find they've now got more time on their hands to carry on socialising with each other. 'Ah well, it wasn't the Truth after all. Where to Saturday night?'

    The 'old timers' would be in denial and consider it a sign that Armageddon was even more imminent and be beyond help in most cases.

  • Emma

    What Zoiks and Carpediem said.

  • dinah

    Mary, I believe you are right. There will always be those who hang on to it, no matter what.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    First, I don't see that happening so suddenly. But, if it did, I could see some local elders who would seize the opportunity and start a spin-off JW religion. In time, it would pick up a percentage of former JWs that would refuse to believe the WTS was wrong. It would be spun into some sort of prophetic fulfillment and a new cult would be born.

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