Please help? My sis has been summoned to a JC without a prior meeting.

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  • cattails

    If she's toast already then why not make the most out of it?

    Bring on the peanut butter and jam! Let'em have it and bring lots of questions.

    If they say that several people have reported she no longer believes she can say...

    Well, I've asked questions, I've let myself get weak in my personal study and I need some help

    answering questions, I just have questions, and it seems wrong to question. Could you answer

    some of my questions right here and now? (Use some of the questions from V's videos)

    And record the whole thing, bring an iPod and record the whole thing.

    Also practice with someone before hand. Practice your answers.

    Sound indignant and if you need to stretch what you say

    remember they're not entitled to the truth if they

    won't admit what the real truth is.

  • creativhoney

    cattails my sis loves your response. - i wish she would join us on here

  • minimus

    sounds like she was going to go anyway.

  • lisavegas420

    I think, as her sister you should go as moral support. I know they will say no...but don't you have a right to be there is your sister wants you to be.

    I like the record it idea. Keep us posted.


  • dissed

    I know they are trying to decide what to do with us since my wife told the PO we don't believe its the last days.

    If we get the visit or letter..........

    We have decided NOT to attend since almost our family has left and we have new friendships started. So we don't care about the JW stuff anymore.


    We will respond with a letter from our attorney stating they can not mention our name in any way to the public or congregation. Keep it to themselves or else the Elders will pay a heavy finacial price.

    Not that we much care, but like many here, we don't want to give them any satisfaction with their executioners axe-like DF'ing.

  • thetrueone

    I think she shouldn't succumb to the wills and wishes of some stupidly corrupt men on a witch hunt.

    Obeying their commands only resolves within themselves of what power they hold over people and thats why they are decisively corrupt.

    My bit of advise is for her to make out a disassociation letter to anyone of those elders and hand deliver it, initiating

    her own game on to them.

    Simply stating that you no longer believe anything about the WTS. and what they've have said about themselves,

    has accumulated to the point that you do not wish to continue on supporting it.

    Of course they are going to ask but why and what things, there again you do not have to answer them.

    Or you can tell them that you've come across things on the inter-net that has persuaded yourself and just leave it at that.

    Keep them in a state of shock. Perhaps they too will have a light turned on for them.

  • Goshawk

    I like what the TTO suggests. However, when they ask why the answer could be along the lines that she has seen some things happen and it would be gossiping about the organization as there is not a second person present to back up what she saw. That would give them very little room to maneuver against her attitude.

  • Gayle

    If she can avoid them, avoid getting disfellowshipped and just "fade" out, that would be great! Does she still want to go to meetings anymore? If not, and the elders are persistent, and if she doesn't want to do the "interrogation dance" with them, then I agree with "dissed" posting above. Get an attorney letter done.

    Go at the top of the page here, and click "Search" and type in "attorney letter." There are several sample letters there. Some say what they want to say regarding their issues in the letter and at the end promising legal or lawsuit action or some say nothing but a letter already printed up by their lawyer and give to an elder direct.

    For these saying they will go legal, no announcement or pronouncement is given on the platform. I hope more leaving JWs, will express intent to go legal on the WTS, and it seems they (elders) then become fearful. So many wishes to your sister as she finds her "free" life.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    How bad does she want to avoid DFing?

    If that's extremely important to her, she might be able to BS her way through.

    How much do they know?

    Whatever she is reasonably sure they already know, she should confess to right up front and be very contrite.

    If they are asking more pointed questions like she hasn't really come clean, she should spill more info and say she's seen the error of her ways and that she wants to set things right between her and Jehovah.

    You said she has a boyfriend. Is she living with him? Is she willing to move out?

    That's a pretty high price to pay for staying in a cult you no longer believe in.

    At the end of the day, the choice and the consequences are hers.


  • jwfacts

    Slightly different from the other posts, but I think she may be better off if she does go. If they think she is being negative and she refuses to attend the JC there is a strong chance they will disassociate her. However, if she goes and is prepared to tell them what they want to hear she can buy some time and then fade. She would need to say she has not done any wrongdoing, and that she is happy with the organisation, just been busy/stressed/sick etc so missed some meetings.

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