Please help? My sis has been summoned to a JC without a prior meeting.

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    sister of creativhoney:

    My so called friends who the elders asked to go into the JC refutely deny accusing me of apostasty

    When I was given so-called Private Reproof (aka Unannounced Reproof) back in 1991, I was charged with being "double-tongued" (lying). The people that were called in as witnesses (other than the initial accusers) were told they had to testify or they would go down too. The question that was asked of each or the regular pioneers in that meeting was: "Do you think Brother {Snakes} lied? Yes or no?" Any answer or attempt at explanation other than Yes or No was met with an interruption by the chairman of the meeting. Uanimously then I was accused of lying. Interestingly, the two elderly regular pioneers that would have backed me were not invited to the meeting of regular pioneers. Nor were any of us told that the whole thing was a JC in sheep's clothing.

    In another congregation, I was accused by an elder in a multi-page letter to the society of all kinds of sins, including lying. Included were supposed quotes of different ones in the congregation. The letter caused my reappointment as an elder to be delayed 10 months. When I was eventualy reappointed, I got my hands on a copy of that letter. I showed it to those quoted publishers...they were horrified. They either never said it or were taken out of context.

    Elders who want to get you will do whatever they want. It is why I let them remove me back in Dec. 06.

    If you go, screw with their heads. Either way, with multiple predetermined "witnesses" available to the elders, you are going to be DF. Good luck to you...but in my opinion.... skip the meeting.... get on with life.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • nugget

    From your post it would appear you have built a life outside the organisation and want to avoid being DF'd to give your mum a break. If they have no cards up their sleave then this seems pretty weak. Wide eyed innoncence may work. If you have a picture of Russells grave stone from a WT approved source then even better since elders can still be ignorant of history. Go back on the this is a huge misunderstanding, just seaking answers, prepared to wait on Jehovah yadda, yadda, yadda.

    They may try to stop you living with your sister as a sign of repentance so be clear in your mind how far you are prepared to go.

    I wish you luck will be thinking of you.

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