Another Scotsman reporting for duty :)

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  • iknowall558

    slimboy......Just letting you know that your statement has become a proud catchphrase amongst some of us here in Glasgow..."Scotland - the epicentre of apostasy." A great ensemble of words.....

  • cofty

    Thanks again everybody, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better.

    "My father was born in Scotland I sometimes wear tartan ties and I have the soundtrack to Trainspotting I hope this qualifies me as a fellow Scotsman."

    That is enough to qualify you to play football for Scotland I Quit! We're not going to South Africa so plenty of time to get your fitness up :) Class film by the way.

    Lifelong Humanist we used to go on holiday to St Fillans on Loch Earn; in fact most of our congregation went there regularly during late 60s and most of the 70s. I don't think there was a cong in Crief at that time at least not until sometime time in the 70s would that be right? I remember going to Perth once or twice for meetings while on hols - great! I hope your wife sees the light as asap, must be frustrating for you.

    Hi sweet pea good to hear from Besty's "other half" I am still reading his/your story, I'm enjoying the familiar stuff like memories of Murrayfield. I'm sure we are going to know a lot of the same people. By the way how often have you been told or had it implied you couldn't have been a "real" born-again??

    Hey Freddo I entertained some of the same fantasies - naive or what? Good luck with the big fade, in retrospect I would have preferred a fade to a super-nova, less fun but also less pain and mum and dad would not have missed their grandchildren growing up.

    What years were you at Hamilton iknowall? I think it was Ronnie Hunter I knew in Bishopbriggs? At least my dad knew him well. I went to Hamilton from the days I used go and play on the swings at lunch time and get into trouble for being late back with muddy trousers to times when it was all about looking for friends (especially sisters) you hadn't seen for months. Remember lunch with those metal trays with little compartments and the custard would end up mixed with the gravy hahaha

  • snowbird

    Hi, and welcome, Cofty.

    Are you a crofter?


  • iknowall558

    Cofty. Im so curious to know who you are now. I think I went to Hamilton up until about 2000 or so. I remember the 'swings' and yes, I remember the trays. I hated the Hamilton Assembly. Ronnie Hunter played a big part in me and Hubby's exit. I DA'd and hubby got DF.....twice...after having JC then an appeal. If you want to hear him in action......go to the Death or Obedience blog. Or you can find it under HOBOKEN on this forum. Podcast 8 is particularly enlightening.

  • cofty

    Ditto Scotsman - some happy days at Hamilton. Actually at the time I enjoyed some of the talks, John Flack was always interesting to listen to I thought. I used to go around those other assembles you mention fo rsame reason :) Always thought Leith town hall was a class venue, Musselburgh was horrible IMO

    "The Scotsman" - thanks for your comments. I can only agree that non-believers have committed plenty of atrocities as well. For me its about theodicy, whether christians, atheists or tectonic plates are the cause of suffering there is, I would assert, no evidence for god. I'm sure we are going to enjoy debating stuff like this, looking forward to it. You probably knew my dad same name as me Bill Blyth. He was an attendant in charge of one of the stands at Perth, not sure what he did at Edinburgh? I agree I never sat through a talk at the convention that i didn't choose to. When they scrapped food service I couldn't believe how boring it was.

    I WANT TO SAY WELCOME, I used to be in food prep at Murrayfield in late 70s early 80s, making doughnuts and preparing the cakes and pastries.

    Hi chicken little this is really exciting. I worked in your dept just one or two years in mid 70s before I started in buffet distribution. I spent every convention form about 1977/8 until we moved to Perth doing the same job. Actually I did the same at Perth until they scrapped food "simplification". Did you ever work out why your doughnut machines were 3 stories up a winding stair well! We used to carry trays up and down those stairs from early morning until late and then bring back the empties. For a while the sandwich prep was up there as well until until moved to a tent near ours. Having an all day staff buffet was fun. I remember one year you guys made cream cakes as well and I slipped of the edge of a step and a whole tray of fresh cream cakes went flying down the stairs - oops! We ate them so you wouldn't feel bad about the waste haha.

    My real name is Bill Blyth by the way in case anybody remembers me. Not to be confused with my dad also called Bill Blyth who is still an elder in Coatbridge. Evidently they lacked imagination when choosing my name!

    Like you I have a son in the military, he is a physical training instructor in the RAF. So far he has not been summoned to the sand pit but I'm sure his turn will come.

    Jookbeard your right the borders are lovely. I pioneered in Hawick for a year around 1981 with Alan Richmond. Then moved to Dalkeith to "serve where the need... yadda ya" Bascically they needed a pio to lead mid-week fs. Finally settled in Berwick when I got married. I agree about reachout trust. I met Doug once, I found their style to be almost as controlling as the borg. I still have an essay about the "Ransom" on their web site. It surveys the history of the doctrine via Russel, Barbour and Rutherford and compares it to the christian "gospel" It now feels like I wrote it in a previous life.

    Thanks to everybody I haven't mentioned for your warm welcome.

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    Mickey mouse

    Hello and welcome.

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