Another Scotsman reporting for duty :)

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  • LockedChaos

    Hey Cofty.........................

    Glad your here

  • Perry

    Welcome! 4th generation Witness here. The generation doctrine is what finished my stint as well.

  • cofty

    Thanks for the welcome everybody. Great to see so many Scots around here, anybody think we got enough to march on Carlisle yet?

    Hi LWT, Beksbks and Flipper - so this is where the cool guys and girls hang out

    Interesting thoughts awildflower. I have found that to be true that some people sense a lack of love and know they need to leave; some of us have to agonize over the minutiae of doctrine for months or years. I'm enjoying the journey but feel more and more that a rational, scientific approach is the only path to truth I find satisfying.

    Slimboyfat - "small world" as my mum always said (probably still does - who knows) I grew up in Coatbridge congregation from 1965ish - 1985ish Went to circuit assemblies at Hamilton town hall mostly; when I wasn't talent spotting at other assembles! I worked on food service distribution at Murrayfield district conventions for many years. Interesting our journeys followed very similar paths.

    Chickpea, I agree, this life is not a rehearsal its the main event. Any time we get to live it for real is time well spent.

    Cry, you made me laugh; I'm fairly well adjusted if that includes becoming more real and less "nice" than I used to be - I decided "nice" is over-rated. Hope your surviving Yorkshire, can't be easy haha.

    Hi Moshe, the chairman of the jc who was also the p/o and I had enjoyed many hours of conversations about the questions I was struggling with. I remember explaining to him why I was convinced the great crowd were in heaven "naos" and all that, and how the society had misled the brothers about it in the study article on the subject. By the end of the conversation he said he would defy anybody to prove the great crowd were on earth. About a week later at a wedding reception he told me he had decided to resign as an elder. He changed his mind again and decided to stay on and then presided over my jc! He is p/o to this day!

    Me and the whole pantheon Deputy Dog; irreconcilable differences.

    Quandry, thanks yes my wife left at the same time. She was born-in and pioneered and everything but she would say she was just going through the motions and doing what was expected of her. She never loved it or really believed it.

    I have enjoyed some of your posts Mouthy while I have been lurking, I think we are going to enjoy some good debate, thanks for the welcome. Maybe I will post my stuff on parousia sometime.

    Hi Besty thanks for the PM. It's getting late here so I will get back to you tomorrow. Will be good to compare people and places. By the way I remember coming to a party at somebodies house in Perth in 1981 but cant remember who. Lots of drinking and dancing, never get away with it nowadays :)

    As you say BTS "Alba gu brath"

    Thanks again for the welcome

  • changeling

    Welcome cofty!

    What you said about the domino effect is so very true. The UN/ngo issue was the first domino for me. The rest fell quickly after that. Glad you've decided to post with us. :)

  • mouthy

    I have enjoyed some of your posts Mouthy while I have been lurking,

    Whew!! I sat & read this & thought" OH he didnt even say hi to me
    I must have ticked him off ( As I am wont to do at times) Then I came to the above
    So glad my post you enjoyed didnt turn you away
    Lovely to have you with us we had another scotsman I loved "Little TOE"
    then he deserted us ( Got married ) glad to have another Scottie((((HUG

  • Mattieu

    G'day Cofty, nice to read your account, look forward to hearing more.


  • yesidid

    Welcome Cofty. Good to have a talkable Scot here, but then most Scots are good conversationalists.

    Wouldn't it be interesting to know for how many the "generation" change of '95 was the last straw?

    We see it here regularly.


  • BabaYaga

    Hello and welcome!

  • dissed

    Welcome cofty, its good to have you aboard!

    There seems to be a goodly number of Scots who have come to this forum. Very nice.

  • jamiebowers

    Welcome to the dark side.

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