Another Scotsman reporting for duty :)

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  • cry

    Welcome Crofty from a Scottish lass - now a sassanach! You certainly have had a varied life experience which will be put to good use on this forum and in your personal life but you sound very well adjusted (hopefully).

  • scotinsw

    Welcome cofty from another one of the Scottish contingent.

  • moshe

    Welcome- yes they made the JW's look foolish over the 1914 generation thingy almost 20 years ago- of course. they got by with the same thing over 1975, organ transplants in 1980, etc. Every few years the GB seem to be able to shift their mistakes over to the too-eager brothers. Glad to hear you made it out. I have never heard of a Judicial Committee who heard the facts, did research and ended up siding with the defendant JW whose butt they were told by WT hdqtrs to friccasee.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog



    Me and god were finished.

    You and God? Or you and the WT and/or the WT god?

  • bohm

    Cofty: A big welcome! Thanks for telling some of your story - i think its fascinating to listen to the reasons people wake up, and how they structure the research when they are still under control. Just want to say that if you ever want to post more details, I for one would be very interested to hear more!

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Thanks for the introduction and welcome! NMKA

  • Quandry

    Welcome to the forum! Was "in" over thirty years. Out now about four with my husband and daughter. Sounds like your wife is with you?

  • mouthy

    Welcome Cofty!!! So happy to have you aboard

    I am one the WT chucked out because I didnt believe in the invisable
    presence of Christ..........I understand where you are coming from
    But I still believe in a Creator......But that is the great thing about JWN
    we can agree to disagree.

    Yes I am mouthy/

  • zoiks

    Welcome, and I look forward to your thoughts on this board!

  • besty

    welcome Cofty from a fellow Scot - looking forward to getting to know you better - you have a PM - click the envelope in the top right and if the message doesn't open the first time, press back on your browser and try again....


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