Another Scotsman reporting for duty :)

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  • penny2

    Welcome cofty, great to have you here.

  • scotsman

    Hi Cofty

    I used to go to Hamilton Circuit Assemblies too, but just to cruise the talent as there was none at Leith/Portobello/Musselburgh Assemblies. Have fun on JWD.

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Hello and welcome to the board. Plenty of scots here. I am in the "Glasgow area" - can't be more specific than that.

    I suppose my process out the Borg was similar - started with niggling doubts, and as you say, once that first domino falls thats it.

    I am sorry to hear you have finished with God. The tsunami was definately a faith tester for even the strongest believers. I truly do not fully understand why a loving God could sit back and let it happen - then again I do not understand the complexity of the universe - and yet it is there to be seen by all - my point is - because we do not understand does not mean that God does not exist.

    Its interesting - it was a totally different event that hit me hard - the shooting of the school children in Dunblane Primary School. I was an active JW at the time and I was deeply disturbed by this event - "Where was God"? I asked a few fellow JWs. To this day I still not fully understand why God allows such things. But despite these terrible tragedies I am still willing to give God a chance. To me an Atheistic view is no improvement - some of the greatest atrocities ever committed were under the veil of Atheism.

    Anyway - good to see you here.

    The Scotsman

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    hej cofty,

    I WANT TO SAY WELCOME, I used to be in food prep at Murrayfield in late 70s early 80s, making doughnuts and preparing the cakes and pastries.

    I count myself as "scot", as my dad was a bagpiper with the caledonian pipe band even though he was a sassanach. I married a pioneer,ms later elder. We got out together nearly 3 years ago. Much happier now than ever, son in army on way to Afghanistan, daughter engaged to a soldier, so we certainly do noy fit in the jw mindset anymore.

    Love chicken little

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    I was an attendant at Murrayfield - and was risen to the heady heights of attendant captain at Perth.

    It was great - did not need to sit through those long long sessions - that 99% of JWs don't like but would never admit.

  • goldensky

    Hello, Cofty! Nice story. Welcome to the board.

  • jookbeard

    Wow all the Scots came out here!, Welcome Cofty and a lovely part of the world being up there near the Borders, we holidayed there as kids in Hawick, and I still remember places like Kelso Galashiels,Jedburgh and even up to Berwick. Like wise I was helped by Reachout in my early days of fading and their resource materials were very helpful also, their office was very close to my place and I could pop in there many times and have a browse around their storeroom, Dougie and the other chap there were very helpful, I never really subscribed to the Evangelical Christianity style that they offered, and once that was made clear to them I found I wasn't as welcome any more, and your feelings about our God sum up my views so precisely, me and the angry God of the O/T also finished many years ago! Welcome on board.

  • mouthy

    Watch out for that Mouthy, she thinks Scotties make nice foot warmers.

    No Black sheep.... Scotties are KLEENEX here in Canada I know the difference of NOSE & FEET.

  • hamsterbait

    Mouthy is soo right about how we can disagree here without becoming enemies.

    I think the sheer dogmatism of the WT is the cause of many leaving. If you were allowed to take some things 'cum grano salis' far fewer would be DF or DA.

    At least the RC leaves many issues as between you and your God. The WT always wants to climb into bed with you and tell you whats what...


  • slimboyfat

    Scotland - the epicentre of apostasy!

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