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  • goldensky

    Dear Flipper, due to our time difference (I must be 8 to 11 hours ahead of you), I'm often asleep while you are posting, so it's just now that I've logged in and seen your last post. I immediately went to "Active topics", as far back as page 8280, and didn't see the thread you mentioned. Are my eyes tricking me? How annoying! Thanks for trying, anyway. I appreciate it very much.

    Thank you, Lady Lee! This picture is far better than your avatar!

    Thank you, Troubled mind. It's nice to know what you look like.

    Billy and LouBelle, I've known what you looked like from the very beginning, and I like you.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The avatar pic is from the youTube video. Yes I stole my own picture. It has been useful in helping some people identify me as the person in the video.

    But I will change it to the new pic as soon as Simon has that feature available.

  • Mary

    Why Shamus! What a handsome guy you are! Here's a picture of me.....Wouldn't we made a great looking pair?

  • BurnTheShips
    This is me and my little boy. He will turn 2 on Valentine's Day.

    Hah! Mine turns three on February 8th. You've got a handsome little man, there. Heres my son and I.



  • goldensky

    BurnTheShips, your pic had already been removed. Hmmmm!

  • shamus100

    Why Shamus! What a handsome guy you are! Here's a picture of me.....Wouldn't we made a great looking pair?


    I don't blame people for not wanting to put their picture up... I left mine up for five minutes, and someone downloaded the damned thing, and sent it out to a few 'friends'. It was my fault for putting it up in the first place, and the person didn't know...

    It's just that I have a hard time blathering my life all over the net. I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm just saying it's not for me. I'll just let everyone's imagination get away with them when it comes to me.

    Now lover, come kiss me... KISS THE MONKEY! KISS ME NOW!

  • four candles
    four candles

    Goldensky...this is me in all my mean.........................well....just rock on!!!

  • goldensky

    I love your picture, Four Candles! It rocks!

  • mouthy

    Mary your nose is growing

  • cantleave

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