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  • goldensky

    Dear Four Candles, thanks a lot for your explanation, but I've just tried to follow your instructions at least two or three times and I can't even get past the first step (joining Photobucket)! (Clumsy me!).

    But, if you want, I can send you some pics to your home email, like I did with Cantleave and Nugget. And, if you feel like it, you can even post my pics here, in case somebody else is curious.

  • four candles
    four candles

    OK,I can do it for you if you want. No problem. I'll PM you.

  • cry

    Thanks for fixing my picture Lady Lee. Can you fix it some more with a bit or airbrushing???

  • four candles
    four candles

    On behalf of Goldensky,I present.................................... all her glory.

  • snowbird

    She is a beauty!

    Her face shows such character.


  • goldensky

    Thank you, Four Candles! Thank you very much indeed.

    Snowbird, thank you very much for your kind words. A goodnight kiss to you.

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