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  • mouthy

    He's crapola's oldest grandchild.

    Crapola must be so proud as I am sure you are also

  • leavingwt


    Where did I meet you leaving wt???? I KNOW we have met before WHERE????

    Perhaps a nightmare? Just kidding. I don't know, unless you toured Brooklyn Bethel while I was there. Other than that, I've been here in the Deep South. I've been to Canada only once, but would love to visit again, when the kids are easier to travel with. Toronto was lots of fun and the August weather was so lovely (especially compared to here).


    LeavingWT, thank you very much for the beautiful photograph! Your child is just adorable. You look a lot like your avatar, only blond. Very handsome indeed. By the way, I've always wanted to tell you how much your letter of disassociation impressed me. So well written, so loving and respectful! I certainly look up to you.

    You're welcome. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad that someone enjoyed my letter. I don't think any JWs actually read it.


  • goldensky

    If any of you knows what buttons I have to press to send you a couple of pictures from my computer, please do. You've all been so kind showing yourselves that I'd really like to reciprocate.

    Mickey Mouse, I received your PM without problems, but I don't know how to enter your link. Where do I have to stop highlighting it before clicking?

  • flipper

    Golden Sky- What I meant is I started a thread months ago on the " Private Section " of the board which I bumped to the front page last night so you could see - and I'll bump it again to the front page this morning so you could see lots of pictures of people on the board like myself who ONLY post pictures on the " private board members only " section so JW family won't see us perhaps. So, I hope that clarifies it for you. I'll now bump that thread up. If you are a board member you'll be able to see it. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Sorry goldensky, if you highlight the link and then copy and paste it into the browser, you should be able to see it.

  • four candles
    four candles

    <<<<< ME!!! Hi Goldensky. I also have some pics in Flippers thread. Not bad for an old rocker!!

  • coffee_black


    this is me


  • kurtbethel

    Here I am outside my house. I live with a bunch of old guys who speak Hebrew. Abraham snores loud enough to raise the roof, and David, he has taken a liking to importing Latina women into his spacious room at night. Noah about flipped out when I took him to San Diego bay and showed him the aircraft carriers. Moses is an absolute bore. I doubt he ever wrote anything interesting.

    Kurt's house in San Diego

  • cantleave

    lol at Kurt. I never realised Beth Sarim was THAT big.

  • shamus100

    Nice house, Kurt!

    Want to adopt a stunning specimen of a son?

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