Climate Change threads on JWN - why I'm stopping posting on them

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  • Paralipomenon

    Personally I'm not sure the situation is as dire as alot of media makes it out to be.

    In the 70's all the scientific minds were stating that our polution was blocking the sun's rays and we were headed to a global ice age and they had stacks of information and charts showing a trend of cooling temperatures.

    I don't think mankind has enough data and experience to properly conclude anything. Considering the history of the earth, we have only been tracking the temperature on a global scale for a short period of time.

    That said, it's also true that as a group, people won't act as a whole unless motivated. Also true is people are less likely to be motivated if a topic doesn't directly impact them personally. So the news is very much sensationalized on both sides.

    My stance is: if it takes sensationalized reports of an Ice Age or Global Warming to get people to stop polluting and being wasteful I'm for it, but I take scientific data from either side with a large grain of salt given our history.

    Edit: Got beaten by Farkel. Curse his voice of reason!

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  • PSacramento

    We express our opinion on something and that is all we can do, period.

    No one can force anyone to believe something they choose not to, its really just that simple.

    If your information is correct then those that believe it wil believe it and it shoudl stand on its own merit, no need for drama.

  • frankiespeakin


    Yeah it's time to give it a rest. Debating can be fun but after awhile it gets tiring especially "climate change" god you will be beating your head against the wall on that subject. My stance is: who knows? And one always needs to remember: life on this planet is not hanging on whether or not you win the debate,, the world is going to do what it is going to do regardless of what we say or think is right on that issue anyway.

  • villabolo


    In the 70's all the scientific minds were stating that our polution was blocking the sun's rays and we were headed to a global ice age and they had stacks of information and charts showing a trend of cooling temperatures.

    Statements like this are part of the reason Besty is quitting on this subject. He has repeatedly proven that 85% of all papers predicting future climate, in the 1970s, were in favor of Global Warming at that time. And it was a time when Global Warming was not making itself evident because of a slight cooling off period for the past several decades.

    Yet no matter how often it is repeated people keep posting such statements as if it never was responded to.

    Yet, as Besty said once, he wasn't so much addressing himself to the hard headed deniers but to a more general audience. I presumed he was talking about lurkers and others on the fence.

    All I know is that I will miss him on those threads.


  • Finally-Free

    Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Shut off your computers.


  • slipnslidemaster

    My cats breath smells like cat food.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    YES!!! IT WORKED!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cantleave

    I have never debated on here because I didn't join this group to get involved in pseudo-scientific debate. I can do that in my professional life to my hearts content. Besty you did well, unfortunately people on here tend to go along with conspiracy and crackpot theories and ignore the enormous body of peer reviewed work . I think the so-called climategate, again which seems to be poorly understood on this board, has caused damage but then it gave the uninformed something to grab hold of.

  • BurnTheShips

    Next on the menu.....Anthropogenic Pole Shift!!

    National Geographic: North Magnetic Pole Moving Due to Core Flux

    I, Besty the undersigned, have discussed this with Villabobo and the Goracle and we have now reached consensus that this shift of Gaia's magnetic field is totally anthropogenic, since we do not know of anything else that can cause it. Pretty hockey stick charts shall be forthcoming.

    Clearly it is because of all the man-made metal on the North American continent deflects the magnetic field.

    It is a well known fact that Gaia's magnetic field is the only thing that protects us from harmful cosmic radiation from the sun and the stars. Hadley CRU's computer models show that if the magnetic pole shifts significantly we will experience catastrophic levels of cosmic radiation with large scale extinctions of species, failed crops, increases in cancer, leukemia and other radiation related diseases, famine, war, pestilence, cosmic radiation refugee crises and other nondescript apocalyptic conditions. Testicular shrinkage and epic hemmorrhoids are also likely.

    We must take action immediately. I, Besty and the all the most eminent Magnetologists, including Villabobo will draft a consensus document for the United Nations suggesting that all metal be transferred from the North American continent to the Asian and African continents. This includes all automobiles, power pylons, industrial plants and small home appliances.

    The North American Continent must repay its Magnetic Debt to the Asian and African peoples. It is clear that since the people of North America have caused this disastrous shift in the magnetic field, but that the people of Asia and Africa will suffer most of the deadly consequences, that we owe a large debt, which will probably run into thousands of trillions of dollars, to said people. We are on the verge of extinction and there is little we can do about it except raise taxes dramatically and impose Socialist reforms.

    We have less than ten years to save the world! The lives of endangered smurfs and gang-raping cetacea hang in the balance.

    Love, Besty and Villabobo (aka Comrade Arcosanti Village Idiot)

    PS: We shall be addressing Anthropogenic Continental Drift and Anthropogenic Mayan Apocalypse in future documents.

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